The partnership between BigCommerce and eBay has helped build a scalable solution that ensures efficient management of orders and inventory directly on the marketplace within BigCommerce. The integration of two platforms has relied on API feature sets. This has made it very easy to connect and synch continually helping online sellers managing their listings in real time. This integration has made a lot of day to day business operations automatic allowing merchants to focus on core business activities. The sellers at BigCommerce can upload their existing inventory seamlessly from BigCommerce to eBay in just a few seconds.

Another major change in the world of online selling can be attributed to the drop shipping concept. As part of this concept, a store doesn’t keep the products sold by them in stock. The items to be sold are purchased by a third party by the merchant and have it shipped directly to the customer. Walmart Dropship Supplier Software makes shopping convenient and easier for customers. It allows the platform to grow its product assortment through carefully chosen sellers who fulfill the demands of the customers. The products are submitted by the drop shipping vendors to Walmart via API. The product is accepted by Walmart and the product price is updated by a seller that includes a markup price which covers his commission. When an order for a specific product is placed on Walmart, it is acknowledged by the seller. The entire process is simplified using a sophisticated software reducing any chance of error.

Shopify Google Shopping Actions App help products getting listed on the Google shopping network. This way, buyers can buy directly at this platform without leaving it. The order will be processed by Google and the process is seen within Shopify run website. This way, the entire process is in perfect sync with each other reduces the time taken in the entire activity.

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