The Canon printer error code 1401 usually persists when the printer is not able to identify all or one the installed cartridges. These errors appear in the form of messages such as the Fine Cartridge isn’t installed properly or Fine Cartridge is not installed for 1401.  Even though many of the messages stating Canon fine cartridge doesn’t mean that a printer individual is using the exact cartridges of canon installed in the device. The printer individual can utilize the cartridges which are properly refilled. Therefore, some of the steps are described below to resolve canon printer error code 1401.

Steps to Resolve the Canon Printer Error Code 1401

Step 1: Ensure that you have installed Black and colored Cartridges Accurately 

The first thing you need to do is to turn on your printer and then take out the cartridges to ensure that each of them is installed in an exact way. In order to print the cartridges in an exact way, you should have both the colour and black cartridges.

Step 2: Look At the Cartridge Code of the Printer 

If you want to get rid of error then it is very important to properly install the cartridges. For the coloured printers, you also need to ensure that it is properly carrying the code of the machine. Moreover, the code accuracy depends upon the particular model of the printer.

Step 3: Clean the Contacts Correctly

It is very significant for printer contact to have a statement with the printer cartridge which is made up of metallic contacts. Printer contacts are placed on the band to the front of the cartridge. So, it becomes necessary for the individual to clean the parts that are damaged.

Step 4: Replace or Remove All the Ink Cartridges that are Faulty 

If you fail to identify the printer then in such case the cartridge is faulty and it has to be removed directly. Most probably your canon printer error code 1401 will get fixed after replacing the ink cartridges that are malfunctioning. Moreover, we will advise you to choose a canon original ink cartridge for replacing.

Step 5: Clean All the Contact Present Inside the Printer 

If an error still seems then the only thing you can do is to clean all the contacts that are present inside the printer. You have to clean them in a comparable way as you clean the cartridges contacts. But you should be careful while cleaning it doesn’t leave scraps of tissues on the contacts.

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Source: https://printerhelp-services.com/easy-steps-to-troubleshoot-the-canon-printer-error-code-1401/

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