First of all i would like to see a far more realistic game. I would even agree with less skilled players quitting the game against me like in previous years instead of them scoring from the kickoff only by running through my half. There is no skill needed to score after kickoff - you only need ronaldo or bale. And thats the next problem. Real is so overrated. Its all about speed and not about a proper build up play.

Next Point is they should make manual "more" manual again and set it as standard. Arcadish players can switch to assisted instead and play their kick and rush gameplay.

Only if these parts are fixed ea should go back into detail.
- I agree with the goal nets
- The kits should not be a part of the bodys. They should be more flexible on the body like nba 2k games.
- Free Kick Spray

- Not every time the same animations on the pitch. For example if a player gets booked his teamates always do the same animations.
- Licenced Coaches
- Licenced Refs
- Allianz Arena has several failures that need to be fixed. It just looks so unproffesional how they implemented it in the game.

- Reporters at the beginning, halftime, end of the game like madden.
- Some proper weather animations - using the power of Fifa 16 coins ps4 (and xboxone) and less splashing water on the ground.
- INJURIES! I want to see them as ea has the technologies to do it ( ufc!!). Then bring the stretcher on the pitch... who walks with a broken ankle off the pitch?

- Face Scans for all the big leagues
- 3rd german league
- Much more authentic stadiums
- Before the game the players should be seen warming up, of course it has to be skipable.

- The pitch should be watered before the game.
- Greenkeppers repairing the pitch at half time (pes has that)
- More variety at set pieces.
- The cars outside the stadiums are 2d. Then leave them totally out please.

I guess thats enough for the next ten years in ea standards.

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