Last week, word surfaced that one while using original programmers from your Madden Overdrive Coins for sale football-sim series was suing Electronic Arts for potentially huge amount of money. Robin Antonick, who helped create a genuine Madden game back 88, claimed how the series is still based on his original game, meaning they may be due a share through the franchise's multibillion-dollar income.

Former EA head Trip Hawkins tells another tale of Madden's origins. Now, though, the guy widely credited with creating the Madden franchise, EA founder Trip Hawkins, is contesting Antonick's account of events. Speaking around the Los Angeles Times, the first sort executive--that's currently from your middle of the $20 million tax dispute with all the IRS--took umbrage to numerous points through the lawsuit and offered their particular version of Madden history.

Firstly, Hawkins stated that Antonick exaggerated his role in development inside original Madden. He said the plaintiff was "among many" people that worked regarding the title and hasn't been "not those driving the game." The former EA chief also asserted Antonick didn't the reality is work alongside Hawkins at EA's San Francisco Bay Area headquarters but, instead, must have been a contractor who labored remotely from Chicago.

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