This year was supposed to be the decline in FIFA 16 coins selling, a level of strictness employed - it's been the opposite. 

I have all but given up on it this year, the players I want grow at astronomical rates and as I get closer they get out of my reach a little bit more, whilst people are buying coins to pick up the same players I want... 

My solution is this: 

* Web app becomes "view your club/open packs only" 
* 1 Ultimate Team per console 

I work through the day like most, and the trading platform helps at lunch times to do some bits and bobs but I would sacrifice it. People found a way around AB's with console's this year, and there are probably more exploits going on that we don't even know about through the console that mean people are having tiers of consoles running the same regime - getting a ban on UT means you have to buy a new console to play, a lot of people wouldn't risk the ban then. 

The second is a bit more hassle/controversial, but I think the first tackles a lot of the problems.

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