Fortnite launched for Nintendo Switch today, now we've learned a little more to do with its features. The game supports cross-have fun with the Xbox One, PC, and mobile versions, Epic's Nick Chester confirmed on Twitter following the experience's announcement at Nintendo's E3 2018 briefing.
The only major platform left out in the cross-play action is PlayStation 4. This is likely because of Microsoft and Sony not being in a position to come to terms with a cross-play deal.
Back in March, Xbox boss Phil Spencer said he wants to Buy Fortnite Items view cross-play added between Xbox One and PS4 versions, while developer Epic agrees.
When Epic announced cross-play support between Fortnite's Xbox One, PC, and mobile editions, the developer said any new platform would also hopefully have cross-play. You ought to opt in to experiment with against people over a different platform, which can be good because mouse and keyboard controls are considered to get more responsive and accurate than the usual gamepad.
"With each new platform we support and each and every update we ship, we attempt to bring Fortnite to a lot more people, making it easier to experiment with together with friends," Epic said in the time. "And, remember, cross-play is subscribe."
In other Fortnite news, Epic is flying a huge inflatable Battle Bus over Los Angeles recently to promote the overall game, that's already one in the biggest titles around the planet. We also learned the Save the World game will not be coming to Switch. And you can get Fortnite Skins from the site of MMOAH.

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