The upcoming Dreams title has undergone massive delay for its launch; the long delay in development time has left fans with a lot of questions rather than entertainment.

Although the title was utilized as a demonstration to display the robust performance of PlayStation 4 prior to its launch, still the multiple beta delays that the title has faced made fans obnoxious.

But the long wait of fans has finally come to an end, as the Media Molecule, creative developers of LittleBigPlanet finally announced the release of early access for Dreams.

Siobhan Reddy, studio director at Media Molecule, confirmed that early access for Dreams would be soon available for players to enjoy. He stated that the Dreams title would be coming soon for the PlayStation 4 players in the coming spring season.

This upcoming early access for the title would not feature all the in-game tools or items as they would be only available in the full version. Still, all the content for the game would be included gradually with regular updates for the players to experience.

Media Molecule also stated that their team of developers would continue to add asset files and updates in the future until it reaches all the way up to its full release.

All the players who took part in the closed beta last month will be able to access all the created and published assets as they will be included in the early access version.

The early access for the Dreams title can be availed at a price. Media Molecule made a particular emphasis that the future early access is mainly for those players who took part in the closed beta and enjoyed it or for all such players who wish to use creation tool to develop and bring their dreams to life.

Siobhan Reddy clearly said that any individual who is not interested in using creative tools or they are not pleased with the closed beta should wait until the full version for Dreams is out.

The early access for Dreams also features the ability to stream and capture operation videos which could be watched by others. It is undoubtedly a convenient feature that facilitates creators to share their creations.

This is in contradiction with the previously signed agreement with NDA, which prohibited the creators for streaming in the closed beta. Still, many creators posted their creations online which gathered a lot of buzz amongst community members.

Creators at Media Molecule are confident and believe in fans and community to help in promoting and sharing Dreams by different means like creating movies, music, games, and anything that a creator could imagine.

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