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Original Title: Dollman Vs. Demonic Toys

Genge: Action,Fantasy,Horror,Sci-Fi
































Judith Grey teams with Brick Bardo (Dollman) and his girlfriend Ginger to face the evil Demonic Toys for one final battle.
The Demonic Toys are back, so policewoman Judith Grey seeks the help of 12 inch tall Dollman and his 12 inch tall girlfriend, Nurse Ginger. The Toys hole up in an evil deserted toy factory and it's up to Dollman to keep the Toys from summoning the powers of darkness to the Earth.
With a name like full moon entertainment, you think they would make really good horror movies. Instead we get another comedy/horror hybrid that is not scary and is not funny. We already have a company that does this called Troma we do not need two. With a low budget you can still make effective horror movies like "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" or the original "Halloween". Full Moon though would rather make a movie featuring characters from different movies coming together. Movies that were not very good to begin with. This one shows you scenes from "Dollman" and "Slimebowlarama" to set up its tale. Seems "Dollman" found a gal his size and so he heads to this town that has these stupid killer toys...think "The Puppet Master", but with stupid looking toys. What you get is a very bad movie that isn't funny or scary which is exactly what one would expect when combining characters from other movies that are also not funny or scary. My advice would be to skip seeing this one unless you see it on the Sci-Fi channel so you can see just how stupid it is. What is really strange is Tim Thomerson being in this...he seems to be an okay actor, why does he take roles like this?
First of all, half of the movie is Dollman and Bad Channels. I mean, if we wanted to see those movies, we would've bought them. And what's with the 64 minute run time? What happened? Did they run out of film or something? And their are about 7 people in the whole film! Plus, some of the effects are crappy.

Like when a hobo riding a tricycle hits a box and falls off. Then he hits his head on the ground and about 8 gallons of blood comes out. He didn't even hit his head that hard! The point is, the movie is kind of good. So if you're a fan of Demonic Toys, Dollman, and Bad Channels, rent this movie!!!


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