If talking about printers then we can say that they are one of those gadgets that make the work of humans so easy. Printers don’t only save our time but efforts too. 

But there are times when these specially designed gadgets start showing some of the errors and one of them which we are going to discuss in this article is Canon Printer Printing Blank Pages

No, no the issue is not that tough to resolve, you just have some technical knowledge about the device and for the rest, we are going to guide you in this article. 

So are you ready? 

If not then you can also take help from our experts. Yes, they are experienced and properly trained. 

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Reasons Behind Canon Printer Prints Blank Pages

There could be a number of reasons behind the issue and all of them we have included below:

  • Hardware related issues.
  • Cartridge failures issue
  • Low ink level
  • Issue with the printer driver 
  • Error in the printer’s software

How To Fix Canon Printer Printing Blank Pages?

No matter what is the cause behind the issue, all these mentioned methods will help you to resolve the issue easily. 

Check The Ink Level

One of the main causes behind the issue is the low ink level. Hence before using the printer check the ink inside the printer and refill them after a regular interval of time if you want that your printer will never show the same error again. 

Check The Printer Cartridge 

While installing the printer’s cartridge properly, you should follow all the steps that have been included in the guide that came along with the printer. 

Also, remove all the cartridge and then place them accurately again inside the printer. And then check if the issue of Canon Printer Prints Blank Pages have been solved or still the same. 

Update The Printer Driver

Check if you have updated the driver of the printer or you are using the old version from a long time ago. 

To update the driver of the printer, visit the official website of the Canon Printer and then download the file to update the driver into the system. 

What If All Method Fails…

If you have tried all the steps that have been written in this article and still your Canon Printer Printing Blank Pages then we recommend you to take help from our experts who are looking forward for your call. 

Don’t worry, your device is in safe hands. 

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