You have been working on your golf course for the last few days. Considering that there is nothing left to accomplish, you have locked your John Deere golf mower in the garage, and now it’s time for the very first family golf session on the newest golf course. However, are you sure that your golf course qualifies as a good golf course? Does it possess all the qualities of a good golf course? Fill up the fuel tank of your John Deere golf mower as you might have to use it again to endow your golf course with some of following merits.


  • Though it is not as complicated as shopping malls or skyscrapers, you cannot create quality and welcoming golf course without planning like an expert architect.   

  • Does it have varied holes? The game can be boring and tiresome in the absence of a mixture of holes. Include some doglegs and some blind shots to create a challenging mix of hole styles and designs. Make every hole look and play differently. Make sure that every hole presents at least one challenge. It can be a water obstacle, bunker, some slopes, and false fronts. This variety will endow your golf course with a compelling personality.

  • Don’t make the golf course as challenging as a golf course used in professional tournaments. It does not mean that playing on golf course should be a cakewalk. A golf course presenting no challenge will deprive you of the real fun you are expecting in a golf session. You need motivation to improve your game. You cannot achieve this without taking up new challenges. These challenges will push you to try new shots. It will help you in taking your game to the next level. Every conquered challenge will motivate you, and you will be more mature as a player.                     

  • Make sure that the golf course is surrounded by natural beauty. Even artificial features of the golf course should appear natural.

  • A quality golf course demands impeccable maintenance. Regular and thorough maintenance will keep your golf course in the best shape. Make it a daily affair. It is important to keep the playing surface smooth. It is important to maintain a healthy ground. You will have to mow, irrigate, roll and rake the course regularly. The off-season is the most valuable time of the year. Utilize it.  

  • Playing regularly is the only way to improve your game. So, make sure that scheduling is approachable.  

  • The standard of etiquette differentiates this game from other games. So, you also need to set some etiquette standards for players. This will help in maintaining classiness of this game. This will also help in creating an ideal playing environment.    

You need to invest in quality golf course equipment and machines. When it comes to a mower, there is no match for John Deere golf mower.   

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