Now-a-days internet has become an important aspect of our day to day life. We rely a lot upon the internet these days. Whether it is online shopping, online banking and many other things, we are really dependent on the internet. Due to such usage, we always need a strong and consistent Wi-Fi signal throughout our home so, we could do all the tasks on internet from any corner of our home. Netgear extenders are the most efficient essential devices when it comes to give full Wi-Fi coverage inside our home. But, the best thing about the Netgear wireless range extender is that we could use it wirelessly as well as with hardwired connection.

# Wireless connection

 We have to do perform the initial setup process for setting up the Netgear wireless range extender with our home Wi-Fi router. We could do that either using the Web browser setup or the wireless protected setup. Once the initial setup will get completed, we have to plug it in in a right location from where it could receive good number of Wi-Fi signals from our home router and boost them further inside our home. At last, we have to connect all our Wi-Fi enabled device to the Wi-Fi network extended by the Netgear wireless range extender that we wish to use it. After that, we would start receiving a very strong Wi-Fi signal all over our home.

# Making a hardwired connection

We can use the Netgear wireless range extender by connection it to our internet device with the help of an Ethernet cable. If, we want have any device like a TV, we have to take an Ethernet cable and we have to plug the one end of that cable at the back of Netgear wireless range extender and the other end should be at the back of our TV. Once, the connection is made, we could enjoy uninterrupted streaming on our TV without any problem.

# which one should I use, wireless or hardwire?

It all depends on what type of devices we have and what we are doing over the internet. IF we have any device that is not wireless compatible then, of course, we have to use it with a hardwired connection. But in some cases, we require a high-speed internet like for streaming a HD or 4K video. In that case also, we may require to make a hardwired connection with Netgear wireless range extender so, we could enjoy interrupted service.

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