divided into 1, 2, 4, Replica Ray Bans class.

Serious rain day wearing eyewear driving sight better?
Lately, Nanjing Cheap Ray Ban Outlet
suffered heavy weather, people driving down visibility, fuzzy vision. In particular, when the weather is fierce, the wiper adjusted faster, it is difficult to choose the road ahead, easily produce accidents. In this regard, the online myths rain wearing sunglasses cruising sight will Replica Ray Bans Sunglasses
be better. Is it the case? Reporters Wholesale Ray Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses
wearing eyewear and polarized sunglasses comparing found polarized sunglasses is useful, professionals believe that the weather let the eyes become distinct, common sunglasses is needless, must use a polarizing eyewear, and is not suitable for good evening hours. Yangzi Evening News most of media reporter Ren Guoyong text / photo of your photo of the Yangtze Lake evening news reporter Guo Yipeng
Reporter test: dressed in a prism in the weather driving really clear
Yesteryear, the day of heavy weather on the Internet driving blurred idea, wearing sunglasses can easily finish, whether it is the case? Yangzi Afternoon News reporter yesterday practiced a special test.
Yesterday morning, the Wholesale Ray Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses
reporter took some of ordinary sunglasses and a associated with Polarized Sunglasses outdoors that will verify the actual results. Reporters choose the ordinary sunglasses is usually a metal frame, with polarized sunglasses are black box, two pairs of sunglasses color almost. The test time is 4: 30 p. m., it's raining outside, the rainfall is moderate.
First of all, the reporter in the case of not wearing any glasses, sitting Ray Bans UK
in the cab open wiper, wiper sweep glass, front view visible fine rain line, poor visibility, a dozen meters scenery there are fog. Put on the metal frame of the ordinary sunglasses to observe the front of the scene, because the sunglasses dark, dark ahead, blurred vision. Put on the black box of polarized sunglasses, although the front of the dark, but the visibility was significantly improved, the fine rain line magically disappeared.
Subsequently, the reporter has to wear sunglasses of the two lights to drive into the underground garage, but whether it is with or without Polarized Sunglasses Polarized Sunglasses in the underground garage of the line of sight is poor.
Professionals: rainy days can choose a light colored Polarized Sunglasses
What is a polarizer? Why do you wear a polarized sunglasses on a rainy day, and what is the principle? Yangzi Evening News reporter consulted professionals, island glasses company vocational education teacher Tu Lixia.
Tu teacher told reporters Ray Ban South Africa
that the polarizer is based on the principle of polarization of light to create the lens, used to filter out the scattered light beam, so that the light from the right axis of light into the eyes, so clear and natural vision. Plainly, the rain drops by light irradiation will produce a large number of scattered light, and polarized sunglasses like shutters, allows only one direction of light through, can effectively eliminate and filter out the scattering of light beam. Tu Lixia said, there are users that wearing ordinary sunglasses will feel better sight, mainly because of the high light Sunglasses pressed in the field, let the rain less refraction reflector sight, but the effect is not obvious. But encountered heavy rain, regardless of whether or not with polarized function is not necessarily effective, so slow down, pay attention to safety.
Reporter asked why in the basement of Polarized Sunglasses ineffective? Tu Lixia said that the basement itself is dim, wearing sunglasses is not suitable for nature, which can not be seen wearing sunglasses into the tunnel, sunglasses will have a transmittance on the label, divided into 1, 2, 4, Replica Ray Bans
class. Sunglasses with too low transmittance can affect the driver's response. Driving requirements for the transmission ratio is greater than 8%, so wear sunglasses can not drive the fourth category, while the rainy day dark, it is recommended not to choose the color of the polarized sunglasses too deep.
Ophthalmologist: polarized sunglasses can filter some scattered light, but at night can not wear "when it rains, the scattering effect of the light rain, to see things, then, polarized sunglasses can filter out a portion of the scattered light, the eyes become clear. " Qiu Xiaorong, deputy director of the provincial hospital of traditional Chinese medicine to further explain, ordinary sunglasses can reduce some glare, but can not be eliminated, in contrast, polarized sunglasses have better results.

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