Know Why Discussing Your Sex Life With Your Friends is a Good Idea

It is not always the most comfortable subject, but talking with your friends about your sex life offers many benefits you may not realize.

There are many subjects that people do not want to discuss with their friends. Politics and religion often top the list. There is another subject that people avoid when in conversations. They do not talk about their sex life. They may think it is embarrassing or they may think it is inappropriate. For whatever reason, they do not bring this topic up.

What people do not realize is that they are missing a golden opportunity. There are benefits to discussing their sex life with the right people. The key is knowing what to discuss, how to discuss it and who to discuss it with. It starts with learning what and how to say things about something that is considered intimate and private.

Talk About Yourself

When discussing your sex life with friends, it is okay to talk about yourself. That means you have to open up about what you do and what you expect. For most people, this is an unfamiliar experience. From an early age, we are told not to tell others that we are sexually active or what type of sex you have had. While we are told not to discuss it, it is also something that many young girls and guys do 

When a girl loses her virginity, she often shares that information with their best friend. They need to let someone know that they have experienced something so special. Unfortunately, the conversation usually ends right after it starts. The details of how it felt and how it was done are left out. For guys, the stories they tell are more bragging than truthful. Boys exaggerate details as they share their exploits with a friend.

As an adult, you have to get past the embarrassment and tell details. Let the friends know how your sex life makes you feel what happens to your body and what kind of emotions you feel during the sex acts. Share what you do with your partner. The responses can help improve the things that you do.

Be Clear About Your Motivations

When you bring up the topic of your sex life, your friends may start to make some assumptions. They may wonder if you are not happy and are looking for them tohelp you do something different. They may think that you are trying to pry into their sex life. The only way to avoid this is by clearly stating the reason that you are talking about it. You can explain that you are looking for helpful information. You can also make it clear that you are not hitting on your friends.

If you do not state your motivations, it can put your friends on the defensive. They are less likely to discuss the topic if they are afraid there is a hidden meaning in the things you are saying. Like any good discussion, honesty is key.

Where and When to Talk

There is a time and a place for everything. When it comes to anything to do with sex, it is best to find places where others are not listening in. It is also important to make sure you are ready to openly discuss the subject. One way to do this is to practice before actually talking to your friends. There are adult chat rooms that allow for the wildest type of communication and practice.

Many people think that going to these types of sites is as embarrassing as talking to their friends. The good thing about sex chat sites is that they are anonymous. No one has to know who you are or where you live. They do not even have to know what you look like if that is what you want.

The other good thing about these sites is that they can provide you with information about what to say when you discuss your sex life with friends. The time spent on these sites will help you as you make the move to talk to your friends.

Keep Your Partner’s Body Parts Out of It

When it comes to your sex life, there are plenty of things you can discuss. There are also some things that should remain off-limits. Your partner’s body is one of them. There is no need to talk about how small your partner is or what they can and cannot do in bed. 

Instead of focusing on the inadequacies or the abilities of your partner, focus on yourself. It does not matter if your partner does not last a minute before orgasming. Instead, focus on what it takes you to achieve an orgasm. It is easier to improve the things you do than it is to fix your partner.

Talk About Performance Issues

While you do not need to talk about what your partner can and cannot do, you should discuss what happens to you during sex. Learning about sex is a lifetime adventure. There are plenty of things to try that can enhance your experiences in bed. Often, the only way to find out the ways that you can improve your performance is to talk to others about them. Your friends can give you insights into the things they enjoy and how they do them. They can also give you hints about how to pleasure if you feel that you are not getting satisfied. 

Share the Compliments

The more you discuss your sex life with friends, the more they will open up about their sex life. Discussions like this give everyone the chance to learn things. It is important to listen to what your friends are saying as they discuss their sex life. It is also a good idea to let them know that you value the things you say. Offer them compliments.

The compliments do not have to come immediately. You can have other discussions with your friends later to let them know how talking to them improved your sex life. You can let them know if they taught you something that made you feel great. A compliment will help future discussions get even better.

Working Through Bigger Issues

Problems with your sex life may be simple. You may struggle to reach an orgasm and find out that you are doing something wrong. Unfortunately, problems with sex life are often just a part of a bigger problem. Problems in a relationship or stress at work could cause problems with your sex life. Discussing your sex life with friends can help you discover something bigger behind it. You not only can improve your sex life by discussing it with friends, but you can also improve other facets of your life.

There are plenty of do’s and don’ts when it comes to discussing your sex life with friends, but there is one do that you must remember. Do talk to your friends about your sex life. You will discover many benefits that include better sex, a better relationship with yourself and your partner and happier days.

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