Difference between Fashion Designing and Interior Designing

Fashion designing and interior designing courses are hugely popular amongst the youth. However, only a few of them know the difference. Yes, fashion designing and interior designing belong to different schools of design. While fashion designing is all about designing the clothes, interior designing is more about developing the spaces.

To understand it in a better way let us go through each sector by digging more into the respective course and what it offers as a career option.

Interior designing Course details

Interior designing belongs to the school of design where the major focus is on the creative and imaginative bent of one’s mind. One has to extremely spontaneous with their designs and patterns and should always be aware of the popular theme that is running. 

All of these skills can be attained by pursuing a course in the field of interior designing. Education in this field along with the practical knowledge helps one to grow and be ahead of its competitors. 

Most of the design colleges and institutes provide an undergraduate and postgraduate degree in Interior designing courses. To know about the interior designing course syllabus, you can log onto to the respective college's website and download the interior design course detail prospectus from there.

Some colleges have four-year undergraduate interior/spatial design course which has been further broken down into interior design and interior architecture courses. 

The course aims to develop your mind in such a way wherein you can easily conceptualize, plan, design and study in detail the functional aspects of a place. To be an interior designer you have to appeal to people’s aesthetic sense in areas ranging from small spaces like residential spaces to a much vast and grand commercial spaces. It teaches you to creatively interpret the spaces which isn’t only limited to local context but also the global appeal of it. An individual also learns to integrate few technical aspects such as structural systems, materials, and construction etcetera. 

The learning structure is majorly based on the complex function of the aesthetic sense combined with the modern day patterns. The taught skill-set includes research, strategic decision making, 3-D ideation; free-hand sketching, diagrammatic and technical drawings; digital drawing, model making, and various presentation skills.

Graduates in this course can become a celebrity interior designer or can set up their own business or a studio displaying their famous works. 

Graduates of this pathway often work with interior design firms, but also branch out into set design for film and television, exhibition design, events, as well as styling for photo shoots, window displays, and retail experiences.

Fashion designing Course details

Before we jump on to the course details, let us understand the profession. Fashion designing to be precise is the profession wherein a person is responsible for making the garments for a group of people. It is the art of designing clothes as well as accessories. 

Colleges these days offer an extensive undergraduate and postgraduate course in fashion designing. The course includes fashion design, fashion accessories and fashion textiles. 

The course is curated in such a way that students get to choose from different areas of apparel, textiles, and design. It gives the student to be involved in detail about the nuances of the course and what it brings along. Some colleges even provide first-hand experience in the fashion industry by extending an opportunity to work in the fashion weeks which features prominent names from the industry. 

Colleges offering the fashion designing undergraduate and a masters degree are in fashion designing are majorly situated in either Mumbai or delhi.

If you are planning to pursue a course in fashion designing or interior designing, then you can check Pearl Academys website. It is the best college for any design course. All you have to do is log in to their website and choose the interior design course syllabus and download the prospectus. In the prospectus you will get interior design course details and other course details too. 

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