Did you know that if you unlock your iPhone you can then use it will other wireless carrier’s SIM cards as well? Many a times we wish to use different SIM cards of different wireless carriers however we are unable to do so. And so this is pretty helpful especially when you are travelling as you don’t need to buy yourself a phone there. Unlocking your iPhone is very easy method. However you can easily learn how to unlock your phone by following the instructions listed below! There are two methods of unlocking your iPhone and both of them are listed below!sprint unlock

One way of unlocking your phone is by using AT&T.

You must be eligible for a different carrier unlock. With AT&T you can unlock your phone for free only if you are eligible otherwise you will have to pay in order to unlock. There are some conditions that need to be fulfilled, your phone must be paid off, and the contract has to be completed. Your accounts have to be in a good condition also it is necessary that your phone hasn’t been stolen. If these conditions are fulfilled then the next step is to dial *#06# so that you can get your iPhone’s IMEI number. You will then visit the AT&T Device Unlock Portal, and will then fill the online form that att unblock provides you. With the help of this form you will be able to request so that your phone gets unlocked. Then submit the request and within a few hours your phone will be unlocked you can then check by clicking on the check status link provided there. You will be emailed an unlock code, make back ups of your iPhone and then insert the new SIM and then restore you Phone and that is it you will be able to use att unlock for unlocking your phone!


Another method is to search for a third party service:

Another way of unlocking your phone is to take help from a third party service. Firstly, you will have to dial*#06#, you will then receive your iPhone’s IMEI number. Note this number somewhere safely you will be needing to use it later onwards. Then search for a third party service who will unlock your iPhone for you. Remember if you are taking help from a third party service you will be charged for unlocking your phone. You will then have to enter you phone’s IMEI number in order to continue the process. Once you will pay the fee you will then receive your code. It will take at least 48 hours before you will receive the code. And once you will receive the code make sure to make the backups of your iPhone. Then insert the new SIM card that you want to use and then restore your phone and that’s it. Your iPhone will be unlocked and you can then use any SIM card that you want.

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