As you know in today’s world internet is very important part of our life. Internet is used for different purposes according to our requirement example –business, entertainment, education etc.but sometimes we face wifi range problem while using internet  to get rid of this wifi range issues we use extender .What is extender? Wi-Fi extender is a device that connected other devices for extending the wifi range or Extender help us to increase wifi signals when the signals goes down. For more details you can reach us at mywifiext-net.


 Problems we face with wifi range is  now solved  but when we connect extender  there are some  types of issues where your extender  need our  experts help, points  are as follow --:

  • Facing problem in your Extender
  • Not able to find existing network when trying to install my extender?
  • Wi-Fi extender is not working properly
  • Where should I place my net gear extender?
  • EXTENDER is not getting connected with router
  • WIFI Range is not stable with week Signals.
  • Unable to connect my NETGEAR wifi extender with manual setup?
  • Facing with security issue RANGE EXTENDER / WIRELESS
  • Not able to connect with
  • My range extender didn’t come with an installation CD what do I do?
  • Facing with network issue while connecting
  • Getting stuck when accessing an admin page on ?
  • Want to Connect Mywifiext Range Extender with an Existing Router


How Do I Install A Wi-Fi  Repeater?

Wi-Fi Repeaters are very easy to install. Firstly which is very important i.e. place the repeater in a location that can receive your existing Wi-Fi network, and then attach the power supply. You can then log into the Wi-Fi repeater via your computer, and input the login details and password of your existing WiFi network, to allow the Wi-Fi repeater to connect and extend.

Got a tricky situation like a pool house in your garden? No problem! There are weatherproof Wi-Fi repeaters like the Hawking Outdoor Smart Wi-Fi Repeater that can be placed outside, boosting signal throughout your property. This kit is very flexible and can be moved easily. For example, if you are RVing and the campsite has weak WiFi signal, this repeater can be fixed to the roof of your RV to boost the signal inside. For more detail contact with call Netgear support service now!


Besides these all issue there can be some more issues that you were facing with connecting to or your network or networking devices, there is  no need worry and give up on a better connection. Simply call the professionals at our toll free number      (1-855-394-0444 ) or go to to get in to a live chat with a networking specialist and get rid of all your Wi-Fi problems and get a help for any related issues with your Extender Setup and get it fix.


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