development of the sand washing machine

In fact the sand industry, is one of the most important one of the basic building materials industry inside, can be said to be the base of architecture, the basic demand is also building. Development of the sand washing machine industry means that estimates cannot replace the power integration of domestic construction industry. In fact, in the sand industry as the center, as the whole industry chain is also in constant improvement. The development of mobile counterattack broken machinery also means that the progress of the whole industry. So with the management of aggregate market in our country, and the whole of China's economic development condition, the whole construction industry will also be updated.In addition, China sand Federation survey shows, at present our country sand exist the following problems.

The first is the production of technical problems, at present our country China is the natural production of sand more, then by machinery is sand washing machine use and production proportion is more school crushing industry mechanization and automation level is less than the international. This will affect the whole management system, or the whole sand resources, use good breaking machine and sand equipment, has a great power for the entire industry to promote. Secondly, although the enterprise level sand washing machinery and many but scale generally relatively small overall management level is not high and the use of the crusher price, it is not very perfect.

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