I talked to the company's colleagues about the technology cows in the Internet industry. Everyone accidentally talked about Tony Li, the earliest proponent of BGP4, (a Cisco predecessor), the BGP4 protocol proposed more than 20 years ago, whether in today's Internet or cloud data. The center's VXLAN EVPN, or MPLS-based, SegemntRouting and other backbone networks are still in use and inheritance; another magical figure is Professor Nick McKeown, one of the earliest proposers of SDN architecture and OpenFlow, and now turns to the dominant programmable language P4 And founded Barefoot Networks, Professor Nick has a reputation for both technological innovation and commercialization. Today, regardless of the latest Internet technology, the hottest cloud network convergence and SDN network, the ideas and ideas of these two legends are still inherited.n addition to the sensation, a series of SD-WAN deployment cases on the market in 2018 will once again set off a new climax for SD-WAN. When it comes to SD-WAN, there have been many good articles on the Internet recently, especially the principle of writing SD-WAN technology. Development history, special features, etc., but from the perspective of SD-WAN specific practice deployment, the article is not too much, as an old network worker, after several major transformations of WAN technology, recently participated in several large SDN-based WAN Reconstruction of the construction project, on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the development of SDN technology, the bricks to attract jade from the perspective of the actual deployment of SD-WAN to share some experience, and share with you.

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