Reload this weekend is here and brought` along some interesting additions to the old school of attention. Now you and your community, your income, your physical beast, some new items of packages available from shops now found throughout the game and a lot of materials more.Instanced Beast Item Pack Graphical reworksIn are other news ... Nulodion now back your gun What if someone else is configured in the same tile Where You gems decayed.Coal bags now an option 'empty' When the interface open.Teleporting bench agility obstacle in places where you do not obstacle .Discuss esta update on our forums .Amulet old Damned schools CWA updated this week is here, and this is a big problem for the pushcart lovers. Damn bag Amulet flaemtar Mort'ton convinced to show spice, too! We tried a new update of the layout features will be unavailable this week. For full details on the updates, click on the item. Let us know what you think! Amulet of the Damned Flamtaer bag (click on the title to expand) dose cast Changes (Click the title to expand) Clan Wars: classic scene (CWA) (Click on the title to expand) other news. .. and  RS Gold  death Palace has now can now be found removed.Gargoyles was caveTweaked Snow models Ahrim skirt and body to fix the number of polygons issue.Fixed typo elite scroll.Fixed emission extends Armadyl understanding can not hide body.You a pile share items, it would be all too big booty pile 2147M due to the inventory limits.Lumbridge Castle was now carved door of the kitchen.The price Chemistry blessed spirit shield issue 840,000 to 720,000 coins coins. Fixed prevention Ironmen capture drops as another player on the same decline, with the same tile.Ironmen must receive samples decreases when they are dealing some damage by other characters and recoil.In struggle, and must appear the opponent's attack option now always in top .it is finally here. After months of anticipation and hype ... take their spears and a willingness to die again and again in search of secrets and physical sample is here! And physical specimen, known as Corp., is a fierce level 785 monster that is sure to give you a hard time. Then I was slain Corp., all weapons are his spear damage reduced by 50% and Ruby propeller damage (e) Special limited to 100. Corp. can be found in a cave located east of the cemetery in 21 wild shadows. Space Shuttle contributed to the chain or games that you can immediately directly to a physical monster lair, which are useful in the presence of spare parts and one for when it will inevitably die and have to walk back to navigate to his things. In the room where I was found on physical sample that you will have one minute to return their items before they are visible to others players.Spirit shieldsOf course, with the launch of a physical version of Monster Old School will see the launch of the armor spirit.

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