Before getting the picture on how data science is implemented and which processes are included in the data science technology, we will first bring the meaning of data science to light. So, data science is the technology whose main objective is to gather the data from the consumers and refining that data for outcropping the results. The data science technology uses many techniques like data mining, statistics, computer science, data integration, data cleaning, clustering and many more. All these techniques have minute differences in the way of processing the data. The data is gathered by the user, then this data is processed and refined for the output. After these processes, the output or the product is deployed to the consumer. Some methods are used to gather information from the user, some methods are used to again gather relevant data from the collected data, some methods are used to arrange those relevant data, some methods are then used for analysis of the data, after understanding the data at a high level, operations are performed on them. After all such processes, the output is generated. The data science technology has resolved many problems of the industry. There are many applications of data science. This technology is a boon to the technical industry. Here, we will discuss some of the techniques of the data science technology.


Data integration is a vital process of the data science technology. We know that data science technology assembles the data from the user. This data may be gathered in an organized way or in an unorganized way. After assembling the data, the pertinent data is collected and arranged in a structured manner. The process which gathers the data from the consumer is known as data mining. The process which again gathers the pertinent data from the data which is collected from the user is known as data exploration. The process which combines the pertinent data in a structured way is known as data integration. As the name of the process indicates, it integrates the relevant data. All the three processes perform different tasks, collection of data, collection of pertinent or congruent data and combining that congruent data. So, the process of unifying the relevant data is known as data integration.


Statistics is a mathematical concept which is implemented in data science technology. When the collection of data from the user is done, then that data needs to be understood very deeply. The data scientists understand the data and find how the data can be used for giving a productive output? For better understanding of data, statistics is used. Statistics is the concept of mathematics which gives a visual representation of the information through graphs. The task of understanding the data becomes easy and logical for the data scientists with the help of statistics. This concept of mathematics also allows performing operations on the visual representation of the information. That’s why; statistics is an important technique or process of the data science technology.


We have discussed the two techniques of the data science technology. After understanding this, you might feel that this technology is also a very good career option. There are many opportunities for making a bright future in the data science technology. For more information, visit--> Data science course.

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