In slim and as specific, crystallizer is a container that holds a hot solution and cools it down to build crystals. In the execution of projects in industries, this particular equipment turns the wastewater into double & different substances namely clean water and solid crystals. Its process that is known as crystallization is nothing but a tactic based on the liquid and solid separation. With the composition of solid crystals from fluid, Crystallizers of Alaquainc eliminates the wastes in liquid state to reach zero liquid discharge point (ZLD). Primary and secondary nucleation are the two stages of crystallization under which the former comprises the development of new crystals and later stabilises the growth. Secondary nucleation is the major platform where mass manufacture of crystals takes place.

What are the sorts of crystallization processes those get carried in this appliance?

  • Concentration
  • Cooling
  • Equilibrium displacement

Selection of crystallizers are dependent on the requirement of application where it has to be used. 

How many variants of crystallizer are there?

  • Salt - This one performs its duty by processing wastewater and converting it to stiff salt crystals and clean water either.
  • Resin - Within it, crystallization of flake resin pellets happens.
  • Vertical Continuous Cooling - It is exploited to crystallize highly viscous materials.
  • Other to above - These are the application specific crystallizers that are available in the saleable department.

Crystallizer is such a machine which functions alone or joined with brine concentrator or evaporator to generate the crystals. Evaporators those work on steam tends to remove water from a solution and the discharge remains in the liquid form. Evaporation has to do only with the vaporization of water and the product is obtained in the concentrated stage by boiling. To describe the former, a brine concentrator is brought in utilization to transform the industrial waste water into distilled one for repeated use. 95 to 99% of wastewater can be retrieved for reuse by such brine concentrator.

Applications of crystallizer in several fields:

  • Mining
  • Chemical Processing
  • Manufacturing
  • Petrochemical refining
  • Fabricating the electric components

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