As the stone equipment manufacturing industry leader, Shanghai Zenith to explore deeply the technology based on the artificial sand, and the introduction of new technology, developed the portable jaw crusher set stone, plastic in one, is widely used in stone link artificial aggregates in the crushed limestone mining process , the new technology has promoted the development of stone making technology and infrastructure. 
According to the national quality and Technical Supervision Inspection and quarantine in China quality inspection standard number of letter paper was approved by the National Stone Association revised GB/T14684 building sand, GB/T14685 - building of pebble, gravel - 2001 new national standards, highway, railway passenger dedicated line, high-rise buildings, hydropower station construction in the stone aggregate grain shape, gradation and put forward very high requirements.
Especially the flakiness content of basalt, the previous simple conical broken or counterattack broken processing technology can not meet the requirements, the impact of Shanghai Zenith developed crushed limestone particle size of the latest crushing and screening process has broken and shaping. crushed limestone particle size is the necessary equipment for the production of high the performance of stone aggregate and high quality stone material, through the crushed limestone particle size after shaping aggregate flakiness no higher than 5%, which can fully meet the requirements of high performance stone aggregate production of the construction industry technology. 

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