Create Events on Google Calendar With Ease

Google Calendar, a freeware, developed by Google, is a time scheduling and time management calendar that was released in July 2009 for web applications as well as for iOS and Android apps. The beta version of this service was however released earlier on April 13, 2006. With the help of Google Calendar, you can create your own event and also edit it accordingly.


The Google Calendar app is entirely written in Java. With the help of the Google Calendar, you will have to spend less time managing your schedule. Also, with its schedule view, you can effectively view the details about the upcoming events of yours on the main screen of your Google Calendar app. All the events that you will receive on Gmail will automatically get added to your Google Calendar, which will make it easy for you to figure out your next event on the list. Also, you can create events and get smart suggestions in just a few taps with the help of the feature known as Assists.

More About Google Calendar

Google Calendar can be used on web platforms as well as on iOS and Android devices. With the help of Google Calendar, you can save your time by collectively storing all the information regarding the events in one place. The event invitations which you have received on your Gmail will also get stored automatically on the Google Calendar application. All the events will appear on the main screen of the app from where you can easily access the details regarding any of the particular events. You can easily create an event by quickly switching between months, weeks, and days.

 You can easily access the events from your Gmail as they will automatically get added to your Google Calendar. You will be able to create reminders regarding the to-do lists along with the events. You can also add a specific schedule for yourself, as Google Calendar not only manages events but also supports scheduling features. You can add a schedule for a particular week regarding a task that needs to be done within that week. The Google Calendar can also synchronize with your phone’s default calendar apps to help you even better.

How to Create Events on Google Calendar

Google is coming up with the latest updates for the Google Calendar, which will definitely impress you on the go. Now your job will be done in a little less time than before. The improvements in the service will let you create events very quickly and in more simplest ways. Google is coming with an update where you will no longer have to click on the “More Options” button to add an attachment in the Google Calendar.

Also, you will not have to change the details regarding the visibility of the event. You will no longer have to edit the events or grant permission to let the guests view the guest list. The update is said to come a year after the addition of the other features like peeking of calendars and adding the guests automatically. You will also see the “Find a Time” feature updated which will let you view the schedule of the other guests so that you can pick up a time that is suitable for everyone.

But the most basic requirement for using this feature is that everyone whom you are calculating for the event should have access to the Google Calendar. Otherwise, you won’t be able to view their schedule for that particular week or month in which you are organizing the event. With the new updates, you will be able to create events and send invitations very quickly, and the time saved there can be used for any other purpose.

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