With the competition level increasing in every field of education and in the attempt to get the entry into the best colleges by cracking the entrance exams, there is a tremendous amount of stress running inside the body of students. With regards to the field of engineering, one has to give JEE Mains and JEE Advanced exams to get into engineering colleges. If you wish to get into IIT colleges then you first have to get qualified for JEE Mains and then you have to give JEE Advanced and if you get qualified, then you are eligible to get into IIT!

Here are some 5 effective stress handling tips to crack IIT:

  • First most important thing for JEE Aspirant student is to know what his goal is and be clear with the same. Until and unless a person doesn’t understand what his or her goal is, you cannot aim the dart on the Bull’s Eye. So first, be very careful and sure with your decision and then start with the aiming process of your goal as one wrong decision can cost you a lifetime!

  • The second important thing is to always be in a positive environment. It is very much necessary for a person who goes through a lot of grind to be in a positive and a healthy environment. Choose your companions wisely and never let go off your aims by people’s words. Cause, “Kuch toh log kahenge, logo ka kaam hai kehna…” Right!?
  • The third tip is to manage your time wisely by creating a time-table for self. While preparing a time- table it is important to make sure that all your topics have to get covered and too thoroughly.
  • Try always keeping and covering the topics which are quite important and difficult at first so that it may not lead to a burden for you, at the end. It will be very much manageable for you so that once your tough topics are completed, then you can move swiftly through easy topics!
  • Stick to your plans which you have planned for yourself and DO NOT PROCRASTINATE!
  • Maintain small handy notes by making them while studying so that they will not consume your time in the end while revising and you can cover the topics by just glancing at them in the end.
  • When the exam is nearby, fix it very well in your head that this time is specifically for revision and not for learning new topics. Ideal time to start revision is 2 months before your JEE EXAMS.
  • During your exam hours keep 1.5 minutes for solving each question and first attempt those which are easy and you are confident of the answers. 
  • Leave the questions which are tough for the later part or else your time will be wasted.
  • Try attempting those questions after you complete the questions of those answers you know but don’t attempt them if you are not sure of the answer or else it may lead to negative marking.
  • Apart from the tips, it is necessary that we look for the best coaching institute as well that provides us the right direction through IIT-JEE coaching and the one that I would like to recommend is the Avanti Learning Centres.Avanti Learning centres not just provides CBSE class 9 to 12 coaching but also provides IIT-JEE coaching and also for other competitive exams.
  • Avanti Learning centres has its branches across 13 cities with 33 coaching centres across India. 
  • This best coaching institute for IIT, in its course of coaching, provides three types of courses such as Integrated courses, Classroom courses, Distance Learning Program and Eklavya Smart Study Program(Online study program) wherein students of Class 11, 12 and Dropout students can also join through one year and 2 year programmes . These classes are conducted 3-4 days every week for 18 hours per week. The faculty who are chosen for this program are highly qualified and the best IIT JEE coaching faculty, who are graduates from IITs, NITs and famous colleges. Study environment is excellent over here as students are not just made to mug up the concepts but through Debate and Discussion method so that the students’ concepts are clarified. Performance analysis is done by conducting various exams at regular time periods. Revision tests are conducted so that the student can have their previously studied topics retained and examinations are conducted topic wise as well so that student’s concepts are clear and they themselves can have an analysis over how to improve and work on themselves accordingly.
  • Parents are made aware of child’s performance by conducting meetings and also by sending SMSs wherein child’s performance is mentioned. Hence, parents can have a track because of this facility.In the end, it is all about you and what matters for you is the best!
  • Now even, Avanti is even available on online platform i.e through the Avanti Gurukul App and also through the Youtube Channel named Avanti Gurukul Channel
  • The best coaching for IIT which I would like to recommend id the Avanti Gurukul App 
  • This app has video concepts for IIT JEE coaching where topics of every subject have videos. Apart from the video content, the app even provides important questions for the exams, previous years’ question papers, and concept videos even for CBSE class 9 to 12 and for NEET as well. The app provides quizzes, level-wise which are interactive and attractive enough as they are filled with animations. One can even get tips and tricks to a farewell for their exams from the IITians and Doctors. The videos are specifically designed by keeping in mind the attention span of the students. The app also provides you free credits in the beginning and by moving on further with the App, you can earn even more credits and unlock further features of the app. 
  • Avanti Gurukul is available on the Youtube platform The Avanti Gurukul channel provides online coaching for IIT JEE, NEET etc. They produce videos that provide conceptual content on subjects like Maths, Physics, Maths, and Chemistry. Avanti Gurukul channel is India’s most loved channel and it has a community of 3.3 lakh and is growing day by day!
  • With the increased love and the response shown by the people, the channel has now started live doubt solving sessions wherein every day at 7 pm, the channel goes live and student’s doubts are  solved in the session. The student can raise their doubt in th e live session through the comment section and the teacher keeps solving it. The IIT JEE coaching faculty over has the best faculty who are highly knowledgeable people and graduates from IITs, NITs, Harvard University and many more other top colleges. The teachers over here go through the doubts of the students and explain the students step by step and even teach the concept related to it instantly and precisely. 
  • In short a place where you can learn,explore and excel in your exams!



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