Cosmetic Dental Treatment in Irvine, CA:

Most people wish that their teeth are not only healthy but that they look beautiful and are bright white. The teeth are an important part of the personal charisma because they complete the appearance. An aesthetic facial expression promotes private and professional success. There are several options for Cosmetic Dentist Irvine, CA such as bleaching and veneers.

Why cosmetic dental treatment?

Healthy, bright white teeth offer many benefits. They help to a confident appearance and also make for a sympathetic first impression. When people meet for the first time, most of them immediately see their mouths and teeth. The tooth color is one of the most important criteria, but not everyone is lucky enough to have perfect teeth.

Although regular brushing and flossing may preserve your teeth health, this does not result in whiter teeth. To hide this, people often laugh with their mouths closed, but they do not have to. Cosmetic dental treatment can remedy this and remedy these minor blemishes. Even tooth positions can be easily corrected.

How is a root canal treatment performed?

First, an anesthetic must be done because of the pain that may be occurring. For patients with great anxiety, which may have led them to avoid visiting the family dentist Irvine, CA for years, we find the right treatment with great empathy.

When you visit the best dentist in Orange County, CA, they can help you from many types of dental problems.

After anesthesia, the tooth is opened and the pulp is removed by means of flexible files. In each individual tooth root, the main canal needs to be widened and cleaned. This is no easy task with molars and very laborious. The length of the tooth and the exact position of the root tip are determined devices so that the general dentist Irvine, CA can perform perfect, clean work.

Bleaching - effective, cosmetic dental treatment:

Yellow teeth do not have to be accepted as fate. Bleaching, professional teeth whitening can effectively help with discolored teeth such as coffee, tea or nicotine. With intensive, but gentle methods, the tooth color is lightened by a few nuances, so that the smile after the bleaching again looks radiantly beautiful.

Thanks to the use of bleach, the natural coloring of the teeth are visibly brightened. The dentist Irvine, CA applies bleach to this. After the appropriate exposure time, it is checked whether the lightening is sufficient. If this is not the case, the procedure is repeated. For a lasting, satisfactory result, up to three treatments are often required. The substances used are now very gentle on the teeth.





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