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More than a couple of decades ago, people felt buying secondhand clothes is a sign of poverty. What was provided in the thrift shops were old and worn out, though very cheap. Ten years on, wearing and using vintage items was becoming to be considered fashionable. Rare vintage finds would often become highly priced collectibles. Trends from different eras were being recycled. 

Many vintage designs, especially lately, are incorporated by top designers into new collections; take Dior’s saddle bags for instance. 80s and 90s street style is also everywhere. Balenciaga and Louis Vuitton have just successfully made the “ugly dad sneakers” a must-have item in every fashionistas’ wardrobe. Huge fashion houses and luxurious street wear brands such as Supreme, Off White, are now collaborating with famous sportswear brands such as Fila, Nike, and Adidas, to signify the “what’s old is new” concept. Buyers line up overnight to get their first dips into these sold out collections, then post on trading websites for others to bid on.

While fashion designs are being recycled, consumer mentalities are also evolving alongside. We are a lot more conscious about our environment because our future depends on the wellbeing of this beautiful planet. Sustainability is a lifestyle, not just a slogan. Recycling is a good virtue, no longer just a habit. Let’s put aside limited resources because it’s a no brainer, because money is always an issue after the entire economy crisis. Expensive city living limits our property space and the digits in our account. Hence we adapt, as we humans always do. 

Since buying and selling second hand designer clothes becomes a huge trend, we begin to adapt further more great habits. We are conscious at what we are buying, where it came from, and what it’s made of. We wear and protect our designer clothes with great care because we know we will be selling them when it’s time to update, to make space, and to fund our next purchase. Because only authentic items have the secondhand market value, we take extreme precautions to not fall victims to the counterfeit black market because, besides they are utterly not ethical, many times we wouldn’t even know where the replicas were made, who were making them, and with what materials they were made of. When these great new habits become a collective movement, we are actually contributing to our world by eliminating pre and post consumer wastes, and stopping greedy merchants from scamming consumers and exploiting labor and natural resources. 

Buy second hand clothes online is no longer being a symbol of poor livelihood. Instead it is an intelligent lifestyle. Even celebrities these days are proudly elaborating to magazines where they consign their clothes, and how they scored that limited edition designer handbag we all die for, that is also secondhand. Believe us, we can be fashionable with a cause. We can save our planet by buying only second hand designer clothes online. So come join us, and make this our future!

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