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Inflatable kayaks are one of the most commonly used kayaks as they are lightweight and easily portable. If kayakers take care of the inflatable kayaks and maintain them well Wholesale Jerseys China , then these kayaks can last for several years to come. Regular and proper repair of inflatable kayaks is a critical part of maintaining inflatable kayaks and can be easily done by paddlers themselves.

Repairing Common Kayak Faults

There are various components that need to be regularly checked and if they develop any faults then they need to be addressed immediately.

Repairing a Puncture:

Kayak punctures are fairly common and a puncture of up to 1cm can easily be repaired at home. For the repair the list of things required includes fabric and glue used to repair kayaks. Before starting the repair procedure, clean the punctured area thoroughly. If the kayak is made of hypalon fabric, use a pumice stone and if it is made of strongan then use grease remover with alcohol content.

The first step is to cut a piece of the fabric that is at least 5cms greater than the puncture. Sticking the fabric needs three layers of glue so that the patch does not get removed.

The glue must be applied to the patch as well as to the punctured area. Remember to leave a gap of 5 10 minutes between each layer. Once the last layer has properly dried out, place the patch on the hole gently. Do not press it and smoothen it just with the help of a spoon from the center to the edges. Keep the kayak in a shady and well ventilated place to dry.
The kayak can be ready to inflate after 24 hours of drying.

Fixing Kayak Valves:

Often, due to some minor problems with the valves, kayaks when inflated start having air leaks. One reason can be due to loosening of the valves. To stop the air leaks, kayakers simply need to tighten the valves and fix them with a valve tool.

Yet another reason for the air leaks can be accumulation of dirt in the valves. This can be easily sorted out. Just inflate and deflate the kayak for 5 7 times and all the dirt and dust would be released, thereby cleaning the valves. Even a small quantity of liquid soap is a good idea to clean the valves.

Cleaning all Moisture

It is extremely important to completely dry the kayak before storing, especially when putting it away for a longer period of time. If the moisture content is high, then use a vacuum to suck out all the moisture from the kayak. In case the moisture content is low Wholesale NFL Jerseys , then partially inflate the kayak, do not fix the cap and leave it in a dry area. This would help in evaporation of the moisture completely.

Points to Remember

Paddlers must analyze the fault properly before starting repair work on it. If the kayak has developed a major fault (large tears or major seam damage), then it is often not worth spending too much on the repair. Instead, it would be more cost effective to do away with it and get a new kayak. Also, kayakers must handle the repair materials and equipments very cautiously and avoid any possible injury.

With decent mechanical skills, kayakers can easily maintain and store an inflatable kayak for a lifetime.

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