Business automation is a process of transition from manual operations to innovative software solutions that allow you to do the same operations, but much faster. On the territory of the post-Soviet space, this definition also understands the introduction of modern technologies, used by RoboWorx, Inc. where they have never been used before.

In small and medium business automation is used in several cases:

In the process of performing basic tasks (for example, automating sales or working with customers)

In secondary tasks (accounting, reporting, documentation)

The goal of automating processes in the first situation will directly affect profitability; in the second situation, it will reduce costs.

What are automation systems and how are they arranged?

An enterprise automation system is a multitude of software products and services that enable the transition from manual labor to modern technologies. Simple language cms for an online store, an accounting program that helps to count VAT, all this automation software.

Any of the systems includes two fundamental elements: the collection of information and its presentation in the form of the necessary specific specialist. Thus, if you implement automation programs in the sales department by the help of RoboWorx, Inc., you can monitor the funnel and after a while make predictions about the expected results.

The head of the company at any convenient time will be able to go into such a program and assess the effectiveness of the work of employees, track the implementation of the plan and performance.

Why Do We Need Automation, What Does It Give The Company?

Any kind of automation program use to lead to optimistic changes. Consider a number of benefits that the organization will receive:

Efficient organization of accounting and control - to automate accounting and control of operational activities, it is necessary to expend large efforts, since it is very problematic to monitor performance indicators. Thanks to the introduction of automation software, this process will be accelerated and the risk of receiving erroneous data will be minimized.

A single template for documents - employees of the company will be able to quickly take templates and fill in the necessary documents for any type of clients, also promptly send them to managers for signature.

To receive any information about the current state of affairs in the company in a timely manner - the manager will be able to monitor all indicators, see employees who are successful in their work and also those who do not fulfill their duties sufficiently

Optimization of expenses and expenditure of funds - the risk management program is implemented in the software, which will allow more efficient use of existing equipment and working time. The risk management program of RoboWorx, Inc. is the most popular product in the program for automation.

Reducing the proportion of erroneous data - to make a mistake due to the human factor will become almost impossible, at all stages of work there is a verification of data and monitoring of indicators.

Differentiation of data access rights - users can restrict access to this or that information.

Efficiency - the time from the first "touch" to the client before signing the contract will be reduced by more than 30%.

As practice shows, in small and medium business, changes are already noticeable and can be soberly assessed several weeks after the introduction of the information system.

What Business Processes Can And Should Be Automated

The best option would be to start automation from the most time consuming and lengthy stages in the life of the company. It is because of this, after only a short period of time, it will be possible to appreciate the product and understand that software development was not superfluous.



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