ConnectAudience – SAVE on your eCom ads … and boost profits?

ConnectAudience is  a cloud-based platform that connects your email autoresponder with your Facebook Ads account, so you can easily run email retargeting campaigns by targeting ads to any segment of your email list.

ConnectAudience Overview

 What is ConnectAudience?

If you’re selling eCom products, you already know how powerful email marketing and retargeting are.

However, TWO things are preventing you from maximizing profits:

  1. Your emails are getting lost in an inbox flooded with tons of other offers
    (no one is seeing your offers, much less clicking your links and buying)
  2. Retargeting costs are rising – so you need to spend much more to get the same results

So, what can you do to make sure your offers are seen . . . AND . . . your retargeting costs kept low?

Why not combine the ability to segment buyers and prospects like you can with email marketing... with the proven benefits of retargeting . . . all at the same time . . .

By COMBINING the proven results of segmentation with retargeting.

Without ANY of the hassles of importing & exporting lists or updating custom audiences.

Wilco de Kreij has done it again. Wilco’s known for his innovative software, and he’s just come out with a ‘must-have’ tool for eComm sellers.

ConnectAudience combines the best of email’s ability to segment lists with FB retargeting’s ability to reach audiences where they hang out most (Facebook of course!)

Now, you can specifically target subscribers who:

  • Open your emails
  • Don’t open your emails
  • Click on your links, but don’t buy

And because you can target these subscribers with such pinpoint precision, your ad costs stay rock bottom low.

The best part? ConnectAudience takes care of updating your lists inside the FB
ad’s manager for you – you don’t have to import and export a single thing.
ConnectAudience takes care of keeping your lists updated without you lifting a finger.

So if you’re interested in boosting your bottom line, do yourself a favor.

In addition, Wilco’s offering full training on how to make ConnectAudience the missing conversion link you need in your eComm marketing. Sell more – without any extra effort on your part! Sounds good? Then check it out while you can pick it up with launch pricing discounts – the price WILL rise after the launch closes!

Check out ConnectAudience now – because special launch pricing won’t be around for long!


How Does ConnectAudience Work?

Special Features of ConnectAudience:

It helps you segment your lists to ideal buyers like you can with email marketing. . . and . . .
gets the proven conversion boost of retargeting all inside a single, easy-to-use dashboard. It’s so slick you could even call it an insurance policy to make sure you reach your subscribers – even if they don’t open your email.

And you don’t have to mess with exporting your subscriber lists into the FB ads manager to use ConnectAudience – it does all the heavy lifting for you. If you add new subscribers, they’ll automatically be imported into the ad manager for you without you needing to lift a finger.

You can even target by people who open your emails, those who open but don’t click your links, unopens and endless other possibilities.

The Best?

Send fewer emails. Retargeting costs stay rock bottom low because of precision targeting options. Get more sales.

How it works:

Using ConnectAudience you can easily create custom audiences on things like:

– Who opened your email(s).
– Who received but didn’t open your emails.
– Who clicked on a link inside your emails (even if you don’t control that page).
– The overlapping segment of multiple email lists,
– Etc etc

Who Should Use ConnectAudience

And it’s completely user-friendly. You don’t have to be a FB ad expert to take advantage. You won’t believe how simple it is to set up and use.

It’s super easy to use, actually (surprisingly even, they did a great job!).

With just a few clicks you can retarget any specific part of your email subscriber list.

And incase you are in the fence..

You’ll get clear video instructions (not that you’d need it, but just in case).

Why should you Get ConnectAudience Now?

With ConnectAudience you can:

Create behavioral based retargeting campaigns which send your conversions through the roof.

Which means you can create retargeting campaigns just for:

  • Subscribers who opened
  • Subscribers who opened but didn’t click
  • Subscribers who did open at all

Imagine how effective it would be if you could send one retargeting ad to someone who opened your email, and a different one to someone who didn’t.
Your conversions would be off the chain.

Now, without lifting a finger, you can build laser targeted FB custom audiences based
on how your email subscribers respond to your campaign.

And think of every other possibility you can imagine . . . it means you can send fewer emails and make higher profits.

Check out the case studies. One newbie made a 473% ROI on his first campaign . . . and Wilco himself made $1485 from less than a $7 ad spend.

But don’t delay – make sure you check ConnectAudience out right away before special launch pricing is gone forever.

On top of that you’ll get a special bonus package long with more in-depth strategies to take your email retargeting campaigns to the next level.

(More bonuses mentioned on the sales page)

Special Bonuses from ConnectAudience:

[Coming Soon]


ConnectAudience is the most ‘hands-off’ solution you’ve ever seen for creating FB custom audiences. No need to export and upload – it does it all for you. Super slick – and keeps your ad costs rock bottom. Get it here!!

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