cone crusher gradually narrow the gap

Cone crusher is mainly used for the material screening, grading, is widely used in coal, mining, mineral processing, building materials, electric power and chemical industry etc.. The current domestic manufacturers hundreds of cone crusher, along with the development and foreign equipment performance is quite.

But every year there are a large number of imported vibration sieve into the domestic market, of which Germany's most popular products, won the larger market share. What is the reason? First of all, the German screen technology is quite mature. Germany approximately from sixteenth Century began to study screening machinery, obtained the fast development in the period of the industrial revolution in Europe in eighteenth Century.Up to now, after hundreds of years of development, its all aspects of technology are more mature, on behalf of the vibration screening the international most advanced technology.

Therefore the performance of the equipment is perfect, stable operation, reliable quality assurance, yield, it is an ideal equipment for the user to pursue. Secondly, the German equipment sophisticated manufacturing process. Manufacturing technology of Germany is very advanced, sophisticated processing technology to ensure the parts and the whole equipment precision and stability. With the Germans rigorous and serious attitude, in strict accordance with the design of precision machining, more assured of cone crusher quality.

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