cone crusher affected by the following factors

Generally 0.512316; 0.9kPa, and is affected by the following factors: 1) the inlet velocity. The pressure loss and the gas inlet velocity is proportional to the square of the. 2) the relative size of coal crusher. Pressure loss with the exhaust pipe diameter decreases with increasing with increasing length of cylinder and cone part and reduced 3) fly ash grinding equipment inner degree of finish.

The rough inner wall will cause the pressure loss increased. the application of fly ash processing equipment of coal crusher has the advantages of simple structure, low cost, easy and convenient installation and maintenance, thus being in low-pressure boiler using, can also be used as a pretreatment device for other high efficiency coal crusher.

In practical application, in order to improve the efficiency of coal removal or flue gas handling capacity and a plurality of coal crusher connected in series or in parallel are used together, to form a combined multi tube coal crusher. The coal crusher is the shortcomings of the coal removal efficiency is low, the cylinder, the cone inner wall is easy to wear and easy to block the ash cone part.

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