Conducive to nerve regeneration extracellular matrix

Recently, Professor Lin Yiwen China Taiwan China Pharmaceutical University, suggested that many researchers have attempted to combine the concept of nerve regeneration and nerve recovery into another treatment of neurodegenerative diseases. To solve this problem, we need to know more about how neurons express in a natural environment, because most of the cells are surrounded by brain tissue in an organ or a different hardness range of fat and cartilage.

Neuronal cell adhesion, neurite length, mainly by conduction and mechanical extracellular matrix (ECM) impacts, they are usually associated with the structural stent. Therefore, the substrate stiffness associated phenomena associated with these studies Recombinant human T-box transcription factor TBX15 on the behavior of neurons. They have developed a variety of training environments, such as glass, plastics and synthetic matrix, closely mimic physiological growth environment. Best combination of biological materials and related technologies are expected to promote nerve regeneration and neurodegenerative disease screening for drug candidates.

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