Concrete Crushers is based on motor power, through Sand Making Machine the motor pulley, eccentric shaft driven by a triangle and the sheave, the moving jaw at predetermined trajectory impetus for reciprocating motion of the raw materials for the Concrete, which will enter the fixed jaw, jaw and side guard plate of Concrete raw material crushing cavity shall be broken, and through the lower part of the discharging mouth of the finished material discharge, materials so as to get what you want.

Concrete Crusher Precautions

Concrete Crushers in before the use should check each part fasteners, Construction Waste Crusher lubrication part and each bolt, in particular, the lubrication parts must keep enough oil, will be Concrete Crushers loose bolts tighten and then clean up the rest of the raw materials of Concrete crushing cavity.problems in the design, it is production, under the normal work of homogeneous, shall not be under a foot, don’t add much, too much can cause mechanical blockage. Dynamic jaw plate, static hubei on both sides of the plate, armor plate, roof for wearing parts, pay attention to maintenance.

Hammer crusher in the application, when feeding water more than the technical requirements, the plate will be crushing cavity closure, easy the emergence of the phenomenon of blocking material, motor load increased, yield decreased. Counterattack crusher because the discharge mouth half open structure, allowing the feed moisture content increasing, at this time will not be like the hammer crusher that frequent plugging material, but the screen material (raw material) was increased, the fine powder production decline. The contradiction caused by broken lower yield increase due to feeding water, transferred to the screening process of follow-up.

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