Complications In Relationships

Relationships are at the crux to the intricate web that is society. Interactions between individuals form connections ranging from simple to complex. Relationships of a romantic nature are usually the most complex kind as they tend to be viewed as the most difficult to handle considering all the different mechanisms that need to come together for its smooth functioning.


“Many of us spend our lives saying we would give anything for love, while we’re often really pushing it away.”- Merle Shain

Romantic relationships can broadly be categorized into premarital and post-marital relationships. Both types have their own charm. However, things do not always proceed as planned, be it in a relationship or in a marriage. A host of problems arise stemming from different reasons:

  • Money problems: Monetary issues are always getting in the way of true happiness. Be it less money or more money, finance is a very dicey situation amidst partners as it may lead to insecurities, fights regarding the budget and even lies for personal gain. Money problems almost always lead to trust issues.
  • Time: “You have no time for me” is a very common line that is heard in almost every relationship. People are so busy with their career and their work life that they do not have time to spend with or give to their significant other. These kinds of behaviour, where people are incapable of balancing their work and private life, lead people to get detached from each other leading to complications in relationships.
  • Ego: People are not able to let go of their ego and will prioritize it over love. They tend to forget the love and sacrifice that their partner has put into the relationship. People let their anger over petty issues get the better of them.
  • Selfishness: People tend to demand the unconditional love of their partner and they tend to expect the same in return. However, complications arise when either of the partners acts selfish and puts in less of an effort, while still demanding the same level of output from the other.
  • Distance: Long distance relationships and relationships where either partner works in another city or country are very difficult to maintain. Distance is a carrier of complications. The more the distance the more the complications that arise. Distance breeds bitterness which is a very difficult factor to overcome.
  • Bitter fights: Sometimes we fight just for the sake of it. We attribute unnecessary importance to who gets to have the last word. We do not want to be the one to lose the argument or to have to compromise on anything. If couples have issues with compromise or view it as a burden, they can always seek professional help from a Relationship Counsellor to settle it once and for all.
  • Falling out of love: If you do not make any effort to keep the flame alive then the relationship with slowly but surely burn out. Inability to put in effort or prioritize the relationship leads to people falling out of love and the marriage becoming dead. Marriage Counselors in Pune are renowned for their ability to help couples going through such situations.
  • Falling in love with someone else: Falling out of love leads people to search for happiness in others. We get involved emotionally or physically with a third party which gives birth to even more complicated situations.
  • Infidelity: Cheating on your partner due to a host of reasons usually leads to the complete breakdown and end of the relationship or marriage. These things can be overcome with professional help if the couple wants to stay together. Marriage Counselors in Pune are well equipped to handle such situations.
  • Children: The need and the urgency to have kids is not always shared between partners. Even after having children, the manner in which they are raised and other aspects like their schooling are always debatable topics due to various viewpoints which lead to complications. Having children also tend to put an end to the sex lives of most marriages.
  • Sexual Needs: The inability to fulfil or gratifying the sexual needs of one’s partner is a serious problem. Boring or dead sex lives leads to disinterested relationships which result in various complications, most common one being cheating. Sex has always been a quiet topic in countries like India which makes it even more difficult to deal with. Being unhappy in bed often translates into the rest of your life.


No matter what or where a person is, complications are a part of life, especially in relationships but one must never walk away from them. Dealing and confronting one’s issues is always a better idea. Communication is key. One should stop scrutinizing everything their partner does. Trying to develop a better understanding of their partner is also very important as is trying to get rid of all the negatives aspects of one’s lives. Most important is getting involved in the relationship because it is a two-way street. In the event that problems still arise there are Therapists in Pune who can enable couples to get past all these adversities and turn their relationships around.

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