Being a proud pet owner does not mean that it is not possible to maintain clean carpets at home because carpets invariably add comfort, glamour and insulation to any room. Every pet lover has to be alert when accidents happen, and some simple DIY pet stain removal trick can minimize the damage on your carpet.

When you are dealing with pet stains on the carpet it means you are dealing with three types of stains, poop stain, urine stain, and vomit stain. Which one do you think is the toughest to deal with?

Here is the trick to clean pet urine stains in just four steps:

  1. Urine:

Urine stain on the carpet is tough to deal, especially if it has dried. It is easier to clean the urine stain if you act within a few minutes after the accident happened. Here is how to start:

Step 1: Your mission is to start with paper towels, old towels or brown paper bags – the choice is yours. Choose wisely, because you must blot as much urine as you can. However, this step becomes easy with a pet vac. Just make a quick pass on the area to dry the spot.

Step 2: The second step is to erase the stain from the carpet. Although drying the spot usually removes stains automatically, sometimes it differs. If your pet is suffering from urinary tract infection or dehydration, then the color of the pee will be dark and will leave a spot even after the moisture has been absorbed.

To clear the spot, you will need pet stain remover. Here are two recipes using Oxiclean.

  • Pet Stain remover with Oxiclean: Mix 2 tablespoons Oxiclean with 2 cups warm water. Add 1 teaspoon of Dawn Original dish soap into the mixture.
  • Pet stain remover without Oxiclean: Mix 2 tablespoons washing soda into 2 cups warm water. Add 1 tablespoon Dawn Original dish soap and 2 tablespoons hydrogen peroxide into the mixture.

First test the edge of the carpet with the mixture to check whether the carpet color is sensitive to it or not.

Step 3: Now that you have removed the satin successfully, its time to work on the smell. Smell treatment is easy as you need to make a simple solution of vinegar and water at 50-50 ration. Apply the mixture on the spot thoroughly and let it dry. It is better if you can use a vacuum cleaner to dry the spot further. When the area is almost dried, sprinkle baking soda and rub the area with a brush. Don’t rub too hard or you may damage the fur. Let it dry in room temperature.

Step 4: After the stain in treated area is completely dry, vacuum the place thoroughly. Three to four quick vacuum passes over the spot will do the magic. If you find baking soda clumps on the fur, brush up the place to loosen the particles.

Just remember that removing messy pet stains and odors is not only important to make your carpet hygienic again but also to avoid your pet from marking it as a peeing zone on your favorite carpet. If you are looking for professional help in MA, you can hire the best carpet cleaning Peabody, Happy cleaning! Learn more about professional and DIY carpet cleaning tricks.

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