Cleaner production is a practical roller crusher wearing parts production method and measure, not only capable of meeting people's needs but also using natural resources and energy rationally and protecting the environment, whose essence, is a kind of human planning and managing activity of least material and energy consumption, with waste reduced, recycled and safe, or eliminated in the production process. Meanwhile, the production of green products harmless to humans and the environment will, following that sustainable development is carried out in deep-going way, increasingly become the dominant direction of future products.

In summary, construction waste crushing plant production are defined to include two full processes: the whole process of production and the entire process of product life cycle. For the production process, cleaner production, including conservation of raw materials and energy, no using toxic materials as far as possible, and also reducing the volume and toxicity in their production process ; as to products, cleaner production includes reducing its impact on environment to a minimum as far as possible from obtaining raw material to the final disposal process.

Green technology should be paid more attention by the major companies, mining manufacturers in the future. The adoption of green technology, optimizing the manufacturing environment, will reduce the environment pollution, resulted in the working process of disk grain making machine, concentrator, spiral sand washing machine, mill equipment or other equipment, to the harmless degree.

Small pneumatic or electric device is another rust removal way. It mainly takes electricity or compressed air as power, assembling appropriate blasting device. And then it does oscillating movement or rotation to suit various rust removal occasions. The equipment are corner polished machine, wire brush, wind dynamic needle beam rust removal device, wind dynamic knock rust hammer, tooth type rotating rust removal device, they are belonging to half mechanized device, tools are light, and large mobility. So, this way can more thoroughly remove rust, and old coating. It can do roughness removal process to application layer. The efficiency is higher than manual rust removal, can be up to 1~2㎡/h, but cannot drop oxidation skin. All in all, the four methods we provide you for sand making plant maintenance and rust removal. In reality living, there are some ways are useful for our daily life. Mining Machinery include many other equipment, the leading products are sand maker, vibrating screen, vibrating feeder and so on.

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