Choosing The Right Material For Your Bathroom

A bathroom is a place which requires high-maintenance regarding hygiene. Most of the materials installed inside a bathroom get damaged gradually over time, due to continues presence of water, steam and high moisture level in the inside air.

Material to be used in the bathroom must be super strong and durable enough to bear all the damage caused by water and steam. Since bathroom materials are constantly under touch with water and steam and are less subjected to direct sunlight or air, thus they suffer more from the presences of germs and microbes. They should be either made up of microbe-free material or must need really high hygienic maintenance.

 Stone is a good choice for bathroom usage. Use of stone for the bathroom is popular since ancient times, and it is still considered lavish and luxurious. You can still find many-many ancient castles having natural stones in bathrooms all around the world. Such stones are ideal for bathroom use due to their properties such as –

- Durability

- Elegance

- Easy maintenance

- Hygienic properties

- Organic

- Varieties of colors and patterns

- Heat resistance

- Water resistance

- Stain resistance

- Scratch resistance

They can be installed from the floor to the countertops and many more. Here are the two popular stone materials ideal for use in the bathroom-


Marble is usually the first choice for every homeowner. The elegance provided by marble is unmatchable. Highly polished marble is a site of pure elegance. But it should be sealed properly before use to make it stain and microbe-resistant. The only con of marble is that it is a little expensive and needs proper sealing for durability.


Now a day’s granite is becoming highly popular among the homeowners due to its highly resistant nature and easy to maintain properties. It provides a rich and shimmery look which adds instant beauty to your bathroom. Its durability and heat, stain, and scratch-resistant property make it an ideal one.

Few tips-

- Follow proper care and maintenance instruction for durability.

- Go for dark color stones as they are less porous as compared to light-colored stones.

- Always get them sealed and resealed time to time to avoid any damage.

- Avoid harsh chemical’s use such as acids on your stone, especially if it’s marble.

- Allow air flow/ventilation into your bathroom to let moisture escape.

- Lastly, stay aware

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