Drop your volume quickly enough to prepare for the triplet pickup to the IV7 Chord. Note the new turnaround (this is an often-used turnaround and is worthwhile memorizing).(( 3rd Chorus - ABC Chorus Form(We now present the main theme with shakes. Newport 100'S Cigarettes Cheap Newport 100S Cigarettes You can omit the triplet going into measure three if you find it hard to play among the shakes (most newer students do). On the second beat of measure three he plays a 5 blow instead of a 5 blow shake. You may wish to play that as a shake as well to keep the shakes going (this will be easier and smoother than what he plays). Note the rhythm at the turnaround.(( 4th Chorus - A B/A1 C Chorus Form(This is where Walter starts kickin' some butt. Bending control and good tone are the key thoughts here. Focus on making your bends sound strong without an airy quality. If your bends sound airy you'll need to experiment to find the best position of the tongue. Note the quartertones used in the third measure on the 3 draw. Don't bend the 3 draw down too much. But note that the 3 draw is at the half step bend (not the quartertone) on measure six. On the IV7 Chord we'll usually play the 3 draw bent exactly to the half step; whereas on the I7 Chord we bend it only down a quartertone. When you get back to the I7 chord in measure seven go back to using the 3 draw quartertone. Measure nine brings the chorus back to the repetitive melody.(( 5th Chorus - ABC Chorus FormYou'll now play the melody in shakes for the first eight measures. Note the interesting choice of notes in the shake for the second line (measures five through eight). Usually Cheapest Newports Cigarettes Marlboro 100'S Online the bottom note caries the melody in the shake. in this section it switches to the top note to keep the shake line Cigarettes Newport Online Cheap Marlboro 100 from becoming too dissonant with the use of the 7+ in the shake. ((Note the missing 2 at the end of measure ten; this is a nice rhythmic change to set up the ending lick.((Final Comments(This deceptively simple song is a real winner at jams for its focused melody. You can stretch out and improvise more in the body of the song if you wish. ((( What to Tell the Band(Key: F(Groove: Shuffle(Start: From the I (One Chord)((Special Note: This song is commonly played in two ways(1) Bass or guitar playing the bass line only, and drummer using brushes to play the snare on the beat and hi-hat on the backbeat (beats two and four).(2) Full band, but have them play very mellow.

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