Certified quality is the best way to raise the competitive level of your company

The actions aimed at maintaining high-quality standards suppose a competitive advantage and satisfy the needs of the organizations to open new markets. The ISO 9001 certification confirms your company's commitment to excellence and communicates it to its investors, suppliers, workers, and customers.

Bases for the obtaining of ISO 9001 Certifications:

The ISO 9001 standard is applicable to organizations of any size, from all sectors and activities. In addition, it is accepted internationally as a guarantee of quality management, since it implies the implementation of eight fundamental principles:

- Decision making based on data analysis.
- Customer-oriented management.
- Balanced relationships between the client company and its suppliers.
- Leading people.
- Involved and participative people.
- Process-based management model.
- Process planning as an interrelated system.
- Continuous improvement as an objective.

The current scope of the ISO 9001 quality control implementation:

An ISO quality certificate proves that your organization is interested in implementing a systematized structure of all aspects related to management, as well as its customer orientation.

- The ISO 9001 quality certificates are a guarantee of compliance with both the demands of their customers and current legislation.
- The ISO 9001 certifications are used to measure the performance of their management in terms of continuous improvement.
- An ISO certificate helps improve the performance of your business.

We at ISO Express Comiso, offer the best quality of ISO 9001 services. Get in touch with us for more information.

Why choose ISO Express Comiso?

Recognition: Our certification is accredited by official bodies of more than 35 countries. This has made it possible for anyone in your organization to know the prestige of certification all over the world.

Network: ISO Express Comiso has a presence in more than 100 countries and knows the reality of its markets as well as you.

Specialization: We have the best ISO 9001 software. Our technical training is aimed at ensuring that your organization achieves the quality objectives defined each year in its management plan. And our experience in this field is very great: our auditors have helped many companies around the world to certify the quality of their management systems. Therefore, ISO Express Comiso is a world leader in certified standards.

Combined services: At ISO Express Comiso, we have auditors specialized in carrying out specific audits to optimally, consistently and effectively integrate certifications from different regulatory entities. 

ISO Express Comiso brings the necessary knowledge and quality management system of its professionals in this section. In addition, as they are independent third parties, our inspectors contribute better to reviewing and updating their control mechanisms.

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