Celebrate Every Cherished Moment in Your Life with Marley Spoon

Last year I moved to Sydney as I got this new h=job which was quite fascinating and I was not at all in a position to give up on it. The day I came for the interview for the post, I was really impressed with the office even the work and the pay was quite handsome then there was no point of saying no to the position offered to me. When I started looking out for the place for me to stay I came across a place where the apartment offered on sharing basis.  There was this young guy who was my partner at sharing the flat who was quite young to me but very sweet. After resolving the accommodation issue I turned towards cooking issue and then I found Marley Spoon promo codes to help me in taking care of the diet and fresh food I craved for.

This made me so happy as I loved cooking and having the solution for my passion that is fresh ingredients, were quite an added point to my happiness. With all this comfort provided to me I was now able to concentrate with whole attention towards my job.

Entire day fatigue due to work and then coming home to the grocery which I have done through the online store makes my day with what I start cooking and I don’t do it for me myself but Steve is my partner to share whatever I cook. He loved my cooking and this is what keeps me going on and bringing some new dish every day to the kitchen counter where we used to dine.

I remember it was my birthday in two days and Steve came to me and asked about store from where I do the grocery. I told him about https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8FKXCKCXzgM and even gave him quite informative tips on how to avail their vouchers to get concession on the purchase. I took all the notes and I was happy to tell him all about it as I thought that he must be planning a date with his girlfriend to impress her with the easy cooking which Marley Spoon has made for their customers.

 On the day of my birthday I got late at office as I don’t know why these special days have more work and stress. I got a call from mum who wished me and told me that she missed me and will come to Sydney to visit me which was a good news I heard the whole day. I didn’t want to go home soon as I knew that Steve was expecting Samantha and I would be an uninvited guest but there was no other place to go so I decided to go home straight to my room so that I don’t disturb the couple.

The moment I entered the apartment I heard people singing me birthday song and I saw Steve, Samantha, my colleague Rachel, Mark and my Mum all standing in front of me with happy faces. I was so shocked to see all the people who loved me in one or the other way. I hugged everyone and kept on thanking them for remembering the day.

The surprise was still awaiting me in the form of food which was served on the table made from the recipes Steve got from Marley Spoon on ordering the grocery. My mum helped Steve and Samantha to make all these preps while she alone made the scrumptious cake which was the best thing I ever tasted in my life.

That day was one of the most cherished one in my life as all people and my favorite store helped me in cheering up and enjoy with the best people I already have in my surrounding.


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