Carton Newport 100s Price to put forward

For the Cheap Newport Cigarettes 100s appellant Zhao Jianyun defenders, proposed "the appellant Zhao Jianyun behavior is one of the attempted crime, should be offered a lighter or mitigated punishment in accordance with the" safety, after the check, the appellant Zhao Newport 100s Wholesale Jianyun is in the lack of tobacco monopoly commodities method of travel permit implementation of transport under the condition of tobacco actions are captured, their behavior offers of legal element of the actual crime of illegal company, so his behavior is not necessarily in conformity with the tried crime law, the appellant defend Zhao Jianyun defenders Carton Newport 100s Price to put forward opinions to see the facts of the case, we will not end up being adopted. For the appellant Zhao Jianyun defenders, the offered "this case the owner of the particular tobacco leaves another guy, the appellant just assist others transportation, it Marlboro Cigarettes Wholesale USA is an item, should be given a mitigated punishment" defense opinions, we expect that the appellant Zhao Jianyun is in the absence of tobacco monopoly commodities transportation permit execution of transportation under the current condition of tobacco were Newport 100s captured, whether or not they help others vehicles tobacco, only the appellant Zhao Jianyun my admission, there is no other evidence to ensure that the defense opinions can not be established, our college will never be adopted.

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