The final whistle is about to ring, Dong Han 'early adjusted her shirt, a bow around his waist, a pair of back, take the lead in the first quietly and quickly left the final first leg stadium behind him the final number on the score card to stay in 122-105, xinjiang in the former, guangdong brittle failure.The former guangdong star tonight on 10 minutes 0 0 0 0 0 assists rebounds steals blocks, all five statistic is 0, the embarrassment in the finals with the light of "insensitive".On the field of Dong Han 'doddering, completely can't DeMarcus Ware Jersey find his own position, there is no sense.He only data are three fouls tonight and 1 error.Born in 1991 Dong Han scholar, once successively in 2009 and 2009 to two all-star ruisai MVP, once hailed as yi successor, under a heading into the NBA star of hope, hope but also is only 26 years old this year, he is a player to mature period, but he was like a mysterious lost out on the pitch, almost no progress in recent 4 years, have been setbacks have reached the point of no return. Four years before Curtis Martin Jersey the finals, guangdong winning 4-0 sweep shandong eighth championship, Dong Han he played three games in the series, than he once vibrant and barb, was 22, he fall into a state of similar to the "rookie wall" downturn.Three finals Dong Han 'averaging about 8 minutes, a total of only five points and 2 rebounds. In the previous 2011-12 season, Dong Han 'can contribute is averaging 8.4 points and 5.5 rebounds the stability of the data, occasionally hit two pairs, there have been 20 + 10 highlights.Can after that season, the two stars ruisai MVP winner, once hailed as the strongest star of yi successor began to lost, nearly five seasons of averaging data only 3 + 3, from the Mesozoic miserably as strongest team in the mystery man. With Dong Han 'debut Zhou Pengzai this five seasons at the same time has become a new core team, and he has already gradually degraded into edge.Physical condition prominent Dong Han 'constantly waste of his talent, his body go out of form today, craggy, without that year's momentum. So far, this year's playoffs Dong Han 'played nine games, plus is eight games to score tonight swallow eggs, in game 4 rebounds swallow eggs, height 2 meters 11 is really worth studying on the course of a mystery

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