Carbohydrate microarray experimental guidance

After years of exploration, scientists have mastered the basic biological features of many sugar molecules, but compared to DNA and protein, not enough for us to understand these molecules, however, due to the complex structure of sugar, in order to build This molecule is very difficult, and the DNA is different from the glycoside is almost impossible for cloning and amplification, and therefore the number is limited. Sugar chips by a small amount and more types of natural or synthetic oligosaccharide composition, researchers using this chip can recognize the sugar binding proteins, cells and microorganisms. Since the chip production requires only very small amounts of sugar molecules, and therefore this technique can be extensively screened first protein, sugar affinity. Currently there are more than a dozen labs to build your own sugar chips, with more sugar molecules are isolated and synthesized, these chips will continue to improve.

Due to falling prices RNA sequencing, DNA chips have been longer as attention as before, but he was optimistic about the future of the sugar chips, sugar chips preparation principles and gene chips, protein chips similar, is a variety of trace carbohydrates in points in the form of a matrix fixed to the backsheet materials, the use of high-throughput scanning techniques and staining by means of analysis and determination of Recombinant human Endonuclease 8-like 1 with specific binding between other biological macromolecules, and then study its biological function and mechanism.

Sugar chips with test samples with less specificity, high sensitivity, high throughput and long-term stability, etc., which greatly improves the efficiency of carbohydrate chemistry research, the chip can be divided into monosaccharide or disaccharide chips, Chip oligosaccharides, polysaccharides chips and composite chip, the other depending on the application can also be divided into functional glycomics chip, chip drug development sugar and sugar antigen diagnostic chips. The method of producing sugar of the chip non-chemically modified polysaccharide is immobilized and chemically modified polysaccharide is immobilized, the sugar-like former is directly fixed by spotting instrument points on the slide, a non-specific binding, this method does not need to be modified glycosylation. However, due to the nature of saccharide compound, such as molecular weight, spatial structure, solubility, and so different reactive sites, so some carbohydrates can not directly to non-covalently bound directly immobilized on a solid medium, for which it scientists the need for chemical modification of sugar, i.e., the grafting can be generated with the carrier showed that specifically binds to a group, and then fixed.

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