Candy is involved and you learn a lesson about the things

Candy is involved and you learn a lesson about the things that really matter through a series of madcap adventures. Aardman Digitalpuzzle platformer Home Sheep Home 2 is about a trip gone awry when a trio of woolly sheep sneakily tag along with their farmer on his trip into the city. Their names are Shirley, Shaun, and Timmy, and youneed to use all of them together to get to the objective in each level, along with collecting all the optional socks and underpants, of course. Each sheepsize works for and against it in different ways. Timmy, for instance, is tiny, and so he can fit into small spaces and jump higher, but he isnheavy enough to push or weigh things down

Shirley is too big to fut packs jump very far or fit into places, but she can shove anything out of the way and provide a stepping stone to reach high places. Every level represents a unique environment and challenge for them to overcome, which would probably be a great John Candy-esque touching lesson to take away from everything if most of us werenincapable of going long stretches of time under stress with our families without walking away with at least one murder charge. Whonot touching who now, Billy?! What summer would be complete without playing sports outside? Even if younot that great at catching balls, running on sand, or making your limbs move in any sort of coordinated fashion whatsoever, therealways that trusty standbymini-golf! Damp Gnatphysics-based puzzle game Wonderputt is a decidedly more fanciful spin on the old classic pastime, with a fantastical golf course with each hole layered atop one another in an eye-catching construction

Grassy fields sandy FIFA 17 coins wastes futuristic citiesit has it all, minus the judgemental stare of the teenagers quietly watching you pile up sixty strokes on the first hole. Itharder than it looks okay?! At its core, Wonderputt is fairly straightforward. Each hole has a base number of shots you should be able to complete it in, and all you do is aim your ball and click to shoot it, with the farther back your cursor is representing the force of your swing. It can get surprisingly tricky for how small most of the locations are, but what makes it great is the wonderful animation that brings each area to life as you transition from one spot to the next. I mean, when I was a kid, we made do with peeling paint, leaning plywood, and badly bent clubs, but I guess this sense of wonder and discovery is okayI mean, if you like that sort of thing.

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