So there is absolutely no doubt that CBD oil can be a very powerful resource and one which you should consider using in your everyday life. However, there are some people who feel that it can make you experience symptoms similar to that of a drug induced high.

Naturally, this is the sort of allegation which warrants our interest, and so we take a look at the process and come tomorrow conclusions about whether or not CBD oil has the potential to get you high. Read on to be able to witness our conclusions on the subject, and see what we think about it all.

Law, We Hardly Knew Ye

So we thought that the best place to begin would be to look at the legalities of getting high. As you’re no doubt aware, the UK is governed by the legal system, as are many places all around the world. The laws which have been planet leaf made dictate what we can and cannot do in modern society, and to break the rules carries sanctions.

One of these laws is that the majority of drugs available are illegal. They are classed according to their severity and potential side-effects, and so there are many which are considered to be too powerful for humans to have frequent access to. One of these drugs, albeit on a slightly lower scale than you think, is cannabis. As a drug, it’s well known for being something that you smoke, and having psychotropic and mind-altering effects. As a result, it is classed as being too dangerous for people to have easy access to, and it’s still illegal in this country.

So where does CBD tie into all of this? Well, it might interest you to know that CBD is actually very closely connected to cannabis, with the two coming from the same family of plant. However, The issue is that cannabis is distinctly different from CBD, enough to warrant a different legal classification. Cannabis, while being one of the lesser drugs, is still illegal. However, CBD is primarily made of hemp in this country, and that is still legal.

Knowing the Distinction

It is so important for people to know the distinction between cannabis and conventional CBD products, because this can make all the difference when buying them. It also contributes significantly to whether or not they can get you high.

The conclusion that we have to hire a lot from CBD products will depend entirely on your perspective, and what you consider high to be. If you mean experiencing the mind altering and psychotropic effects then no, you probably won’t have any luck here. However, it is entirely possible to get an immense feeling of relaxation and tranquillity when you have too much of any pain relief. If you ever watch TV, you may notice how people who have lots of morphine in their system are incredibly relaxed and barely with it. This is because too much pain dulls the pain receptors to the point that people become incredibly mellow and sometimes even delusional. This is a very heavily exaggerated version of what happens in real life, but at the same time, there is a grain of truth to it.

However, this is why time and time again we emphasise that people need to be careful when they are consuming CBD products. Especially when you’re smoking them, because the pain relief enters your system in a much more potent way, and has no time to be diluted or passed around the body. Typically, what this means is that you get a very powerful dose very quickly, and a lot of people aren’t ready to deal with that.

Smoking a CBD oil is absolutely fine, and something that we encourage, however we have to insist that you be careful when you’re smoking it, you need to build up slowly to a higher level of pain relief, because the body needs time to adjust to such potent help so quickly. It’s just a question of being smart and sensible with your oil, and making sure that you don’t abuse it or try and take too much all at once.

Final Thoughts

So our final thoughts on the subject can boil down to just one or two simple opinions. We don’t believe that CBD can get you high in the conventional sense. That belief that it’s somehow going to make you see strange things or believe that you’re having a conversation with a talking dolphin isn’t correct. However, we do think that CBD can produce a feeling of immense relaxation when taken in large doses, and that can be interpreted as being like a high by some.

To summarise, be safe when vaping CBD oil. It’s a very powerful resource and no one is denying that, which is why people need to make sure that they are being careful with how much they take and when they take it. We support the use of CBD. In fact, we think that it will help a lot of people. However, what we don’t subscribe to is the idea that it is a workaround for taking drugs. There are no psychotropic effects or mild-altering properties. You don’t have to worry about whether or not it’ll render you unable to do any of the things that you would normally do. It’s naturally a powerful source of pain relief. We’ve covered the science behind CBD many times, and so you can trust us when we say that it is a powerful resource to take advantage of. All you have to do is make sure that you take the time to scale your dosage. If you take the time to experiment with all of the different options that are available to you, then you’ll know that pain relief is a very real and likely outcome. It’s just a case of getting the right amount for you, and taking the time to adjust to what can be a powerful source of relief.

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