calcium carbonate plant installation and maintenance

calcium carbonate plant have many different types in the practical application, such as thick calcium carbonate plant, full closed calcium carbonate plant etc.. Different types of vibration screening equipment in the development of our country's various provinces are not the same, such as the calcium carbonate plant, circular vibrating screen and so on Shanghai. The equipment used in the installation process, the operating personnel to grasp the correct installation and maintenance and related operation skills. 

The operating personnel in the installation of equipment must be done before the following preparation: first check the motor signs consistent with the requirements of the motor; surface is damaged, deformation; motor each fastener is fastened, beware of loose.Second is to check the power, whether the lack of phase, and running for 5 minutes, everything is normal before continuing. The last is insulation resistance with 500 volt megger, its value to deal with the stator winding drying process, the drying temperature can not exceed 120 DEG C. 

To install the preparation, the operator should concentrate on the installation and adjustment of equipment. Need to pay attention to in the process of installation: motor should be secured to the mounting surface, a mounting surface must be smooth, flat; the motor can be installed horizontally; grounding of the motor should be reliable grounding device, a motor, a lead end mark, can also make use of strong ground foot bolt; YZ-500V four core rubber cable lead wire of the motor production, when the power lead cable with sharp break does not allow, and reliable fixed body vibration.

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