By 2010, the IT industry has fickleness, have steady

By 2010, the IT industry has fickleness, have steady, the whole industry according to the predetermined orbit uniform forward."Huwei tied with golden daiwan type, rabbit first shook the bell swings echo".

Judging from the current market, apple iPad occupied global tablet PC market more than 80% of share.

The current Google company in operating system has dual weapon, respectively Android and released ChromeOS operating system.

In desktop operating system to outshine others in the field of Microsoft has been flat computer embarrassment. WangQinSheng said the country IC design industry output will be in 3-5 years reached 10 million yuan. But if about operating system, both still some unprofessional. Therefore, realize bibcock lead and expand the scale of the whole trade of our country IC design way is in the future of the roads and way out. WangQinSheng said, "see, from industrial scale 1025 'to' final, China will have five design enterprise sales revenue exceeds 10 billion us dollars, have 20 design enterprise sales revenue exceeds 300 million us dollars, with 30-50 home design enterprise sales revenue exceeds 1 million dollars. However, flat computer hardware vendors are not only new front, but also a battleground software maker. However apple iOS there is a relatively isolated, apple exclusive operating system, does not possess versatile." This is MeeGo system to give their definitions. "At the moment, the country is also committed to the enormous quantity wide application field of implementing big brand strategy. From the current tablet PC market perspective, almost 80% of the firms launched the tablet PC carrying is Android operating system.

Although nokia in mobile phone industry is worthy of bullies, and Intel in chip manufacturing industries is also sit steady head the current campaign.

IC design industry: to remain unconventional

"According to not complete count, by 2010 China's integrated circuit (IC) design industry will achieve sales of 550 billion yuan, an increase of 44. The software industry of our country industry development level of support action obviously improved, which promoted China's economic development and social progress, drive the administration, education, public health and other fields informatization construction.59%.

In fact, Windows7 not is a section specifically for tablet computer makes the operating system, therefore, Windows7 applied in tablet computer maybe not the best choice."

In fact, in the international market, over a billion dollars of IC design company are some company's size, just have strong ability to resist risks. Therefore, its carrying apples iOS operating system worthy become current market share the biggest products.5 billion yuan. China semiconductor industry association, vice-director of integrated circuit design branch WeiShaoJun said: "in global 500 billion dollars in value, IC's design industry value accounts for to 15%, we realize 5 years ahead of the original target. Although the current apple cisco iOS market share is extremely high, but with other manufacturers have entered tablet PC market, in the next period, the share of the market to fall gradually. "More open than Android than iOS puts more emphasis on the user experience. Software services has knowledge, technology, talent concentrated and high added value, high permeability, high DaiDongXing features, such as economic growth has become the multiplier, industrial upgrading of booster, development mode of converter and new industry incubators, also is the comprehensive construction well-off society's important support. Whether tablet computer or smart phones, Android become the biggest apple iOS "enemy". This product can not only for tablet PC, more passes kills all ChuiZhiHua Internet device, this includes mobile phones, Internet this, automotive equipment even Internet TV.

"11th five-year plan" period, China's software industry policy environment improving, industry scale developed rapidly, which has yielded substantial results. Both have their respective launched Maemo, called Moblin operating system, in view of "like-minded", "common system enemy" consideration, both sides hit it off, will both of the operating system formed close 2 for one, MeeGo today.. At present, nearly all of the PC makers have begun product development, and introduction of distinctive tablet computer. Vigorously develop software services, is promoting China's industrial structure adjustment and development mode change is to promote the fundamental requirement, informationization and industrialization fusion, take a new road to industrialization of strategic needs.

Software service: strategic position highlight

Software service industry is the core and soul of information industry, is no pollution, low energy consumption, high employment and high growth of knowledge production strategic leading industry."

China's IC design industry in the past 10 years development speed is the envy of other industries: on the one hand, the industry average growth of the past ten years, far higher than the global reach 45."

Flat computer: operating system war more freed

The iPad fiery impetus to the tablet PC sales, also let the computer market coruscate gives new "spring". 2011, flat computer operating system war will be more intense.8% about 15 percent of the average growth; On the other hand, the whole trade sales from 2001 recent billion yuan to 5. 2011 is "1025" starting year concrete mixer truck cleaning of the new generation of information technology and is listed as a strategic new industry pillar industries, policy of frequent to force, let IT industry are expected to enjoy the new development of the peak, but let IT technology benefiting the people's livelihood, real professions and make IT industry become supporting socioeconomic development the important strength, is still a long-term task. The national development and reform commission implemented IC design special, smart CARDS, communications, multimedia, security and the power supply and power products, as well as five areas of IC design company, plan should be supported with 3-5 years time, let these areas of IC chips localization rate reached 50 to 70 per cent." China semiconductor industry association of integrated circuit design branch WangQinSheng said: "meanwhile, profits will achieve substantial increase.

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