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Comics are part and parcel of childhood and you hardly find anyone who doesn’t go back to their childhood on finding their favourite comics. This is the reason that you find the comic series that are popular also become a hit when they are adapted into a movie or a TV series. However, with the new age generation it has become quite common that rather than reading comics most of the children are fond watching tv series on the cartoon network channels. But to catch the attention of the children and also show them the joy of reading books the cartoon network and Pepper Script have come together to bring out Cn remix books where popular cartoon shows on the cartoon network channel are adapted into comic books. You can find the famous 90’s cartoon series being brought in the form of Cn remix cartoons that would surely make one feel nostalgic and take them back down the timeline. Pepper Script giving a new definition to comic has been adapting many popular cartoon series and TV shows into cartoons so that you can enjoy reading the comics and welcome back your childhood companions, the cartoon characters.

You can buy Cn remix books online with Pepper Script launching Courage- The cowardly dog and The Dexter’s Laboratory, Ed Edd N Eddy, Johnny Bravo, The Powerpuff Girls as of now available in the market. You can find Courage is a dog that is very much cowardly irrespective of its character name that is just suspicions about anything out of the ordinary with its big paranoia problem and brining fun with its suspicious acts. The Dexter Boy who is three foot tall and bring a gem with science adds fun with all his activities around the laboratory. Similarly, the other Cn remix titles also take you down the timeline to your childhood days and having these comics in your collection would surely add fun to your day. These Cn remix comics make a great gift for the children with the best print quality and colourful designs of the comic books that offer a great reading experience to the children. You can browse through the available collection online and find the best titles of your choice to place an order online. The price is also very competitive and you can simply choose the Cn remix books and make the payment online to have them delivered to your home.

Cn Remix by pepperscript, It is a Comic Series From The Evergreen Cartoons Like The Powerpuff Girls, Johnny Bravo, Dexter'S Laboratory, Courage The Cowardly Dog, Ed Edd N Eddy, Samurai Jack And Many More. Relive Your Childhood! Buy Cn Remix books online.

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