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cheap cloud server is a virtual server that runs in a cloud computing environment. It can easily be accessed remotely. They are also called as Virtual Private Servers.

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Why should I choose a dedicated server?

A dedicated server provides a lot of security, an essential aspect in large and private projects.

If your company depends on the web and the database you must choose the dedicated server because it will provide you with a much more private and secure environment.

Its exclusivity is one of the main reasons why you should choose a dedicated server because thanks to it you have all the advantages mentioned above: security, independence, easy maintenance and the possibility of installing applications.

Here in the following, we are going to discuss main advantages of dedicated servers:

The main advantages of dedicated servers:

Of all the advantages that dedicated servers have over other types of hosting, these are the most prominent:

Security: There is only one client that has the server, so security increases considerably. The client is the only one that has access to this server so if you handle sensitive and private data it is very advisable to use a dedicated server.

Independence: With a dedicated server we provide total independence to the client since that server is for personal and exclusive use.

Possibility of installing applications: On dedicated servers, customers have the possibility to install any application they want, something that is not possible on shared servers because they could take up too much space. In addition, they can also change the operating system and do what they want as long as they meet the conditions of the hosting company.

Ease of maintenance: All maintenance tasks and updates of the dedicated server can be done much more easily than on a shared server.

Administration: The administrators of the hosting are in charge of managing them, and not the user himself, which makes them managed dedicated servers.

Dedicated servers in

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