Masquerade party is an event in which attendants enjoy dance wearing face masks. This party is celebrated at night for entertainment purpose. Every participant tries to look different by wearing a unique costume and mask. The masquerade ball is must at this event which lets the attendants enjoy dancing along with their mates.

If we look into the history of a masquerade party, we

get to know that masquerade ball was a feature of carnival season back in 15th century when traditional and marriage related events of the court life were celebrated. Masquerade ball evolved with the passage of time and completed its journey starting from France to Italy and becoming popular in Europe in 17th-18th centuries. It was celebrated especially in the Venice by the upper class. In the later 18th century, masquerade ball became a part of Colonial America too.

One specific feature of the masquerade party is the use of masquerade masks. These are not simple face masks but come in a variety of shapes. There were basically two types of masks, white masks, and black masks. Other categories of masks came in the following shapes:

-The head mask

-Masks with a stick

-The full face mask

-The half face mask

The purpose of wearing a mask is to hide the identity and social status of the person. With the passage of time, it is also turned into a game where the participants have to recognize one another hiding behind the humorous and baroque type of masks. This made the masquerade parties more enjoyable for the participants. An ambiance of thrill and suspense is a hallmark of any masquerade party. Many people also use masks on their wedding ceremonies to make it more memorable.

I would like to discuss special masks which have been a centuries-old tradition. The most popular masks called Venetian mask is a traditional sign of Venice, Italy. The Venetian masks are crafted specially in Venice. These are used particularly in the Carnival of Venice but had been used generally in other festivals too.

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